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Your Astro Candle Color

Astro candle color

Astro candle color – increase your energy

You probably already know your astrological sign and many of you may even know the element associated with it. However, did you know that your sign is also aligned with a color?  Combining your sign’s primary color and burning a candle with specific intention, you can help to increase you energy, stamina, focus and more! You will get to know your astro candle color now!

“Candle Magic” has been practiced for millennia and is used in many belief systems.  In fact, there is no need to study for years and acquire libraries of arcane knowledge to use the magic of candles.  It can be as easy as saying a quick little prayer for intent and then lighting a white candle.

A simple and effective use of candle magic is to burn a candle the correlates with your astrological sign. Check your sign in the list below for the appropriate color that is associated with your sign.  A small tea light or votive candle are completely satisfactory for this purpose.  Plus they are economical and the candles do not burn too long.

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Size and shape of the candle are not nearly as important as the candle being new. You do not want to do your candle ritual with the candles from last night’s party.  A fresh, new and never burnt candle should be used for your candle work.  This ensures that there is no conflict of the energy created.

Astro candle color – do the magic

A statement of your desire or need before lighting your candle is a good idea.  Something simple such as:  Please grant me clarity for tomorrow morning’s meeting, Please help me increase my energy levels, or Please help to grant me focus for my test will suffice.  While there is no specific requirement for where you burn your candle, a home altar or a place where you meditate are great options.  Always make sure to burn your candle in a safe place and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Astro candle color

The color combinations are more a description of the tone of the second color listed.  For example, the red-orange of Taurus indicates an orange color that has red undertones.  If you are unsure of the color, you may want to try one of those multi-layered candle that combines the two colors associated with your sign.

Astro candle color – colors

Aries  – RED


Gemini – ORANGE




Libra – GREEN


Sagittarius –BLUE

Capricorn –BLUE-VIOLET

Aquarius –VIOLET


Astro candle color

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