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Full Sturgeon Moon: What It Means

Written By: Psychic AlyciaRose

August 18, 2016 – 05:27 AM (EDT) , 09:27 UTC
Sun Opposition Moon (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse falls at 25° Aquarius

The August Moon is known as the Barley Moon – or the Grain Moon – since at the height of the harvest farmers could work long days into the night by the light of the moon.

As described in the 16th century English edition of ‘The Shepherd’s Calendar,” “Persephone, virgin Goddess of rebirth, carries a sheaf of barley as a symbol of the harvest.”

This year, it’s especially auspicious with a penumbral eclipse, and although not a full eclipse (since it will barely be touching the edge of Earth’s shadow), it can be considered a potent full moon. The Sun will later transition into Virgo – bringing with it a time of rest and an ability to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

The full moon for  August is also commonly known as the Full Sturgeon Moon (American Colonial); established during a time when the Native American fishing tribes of the Great Lakes harvested the abundant sturgeon from the waters.

Other common Native American names for this moon are the Full Red and Full Green Corn moons. Since the moon takes on a reddish hue in the heat of the summer, many people celebrate the beginning of the corn (maize) harvest. Other names for August’s moon are “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux) or “Blueberry Moon” (Ojibway).

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment of all that was started at the New Moon. As all names hold power, the Barley Moon aligns with the harvested energy of the completion/culmination/rebirth cycle that began at Lughnassadh on August 1st.

The Leo Sun opposes the Moon in Aquarius; almost as conflicted reflections of each other. Leo Sun is intensely proud and individualistic, while the Aquarius Moon, although valuing independence is more focused on relationships and group interaction. The full moon’s energy magnifies energies, attitudes and emotions already present – so enjoy your parties and celebrations – but be mindful to pay attention to your relationships as a whole; including the magickal ones within your circle.

You can work with the Barley Moon’s energy to strengthen your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is a good time to make sacrifices for what will later benefit you – giving up that which you no longer need, while also harvesting and holding on to what will sustain you into the future. Letting go of what has been weighing you down will enable you to grow stronger as you cast old wounds aside to continue on your life’s journey.

You can also utilize this moon’s fiery energy for your magickal work, using associated fiery colors like gold, yellow, and orange; and gemstones such as Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Garnet, as well as resins such as Frankincense, Copal and Dragonsblood.

It is also a good time to focus on magick, spells and energy work involving gatherings and group work; creating peace and peacemaking; understanding, friendships, achieving goals, freedom and release; creative arts and expression; solving problems, cultivating your psychic skills, and ending bad habits or addictions.

The theme of the Barley/Grain Moon is one of gratitude and giving back. A simple spell would be to bake bread from scratch infusing your energy and intent, and to create three loaves from it. One would be given back to the earth and the animals (thanking the Earth), another donated to a shelter or foodbank (that you may always have enough to share), and a tiny one symbolically placed and left in your freezer (that you may always have enough to spare).

Small talismans can also be made from corn husks filling them with rosemary, coltsfoot and barley – serving as protection and for bringing in abundance into your home. Be sure to make them in the moon’s light.

Many blessings!

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