Mercury conjuncts Sun in Leo

Mercury Sun conjunction

Mercury Sun conjunction – retrograde’s effects

Mercury conjuncts Sun on the 8th of August on 16°22′ of Leo. In Astrology the Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force, while Mercury is the planet ruling the thinking processes, different forms of mental activity, communication, travel, etc. Sun is in its own sign in Leo while Mercury is retrograde since the 26th of July. (It will turn direct on the 19th of August).

The current Mercury Sun conjunction can be a period in which many of the themes of this retrograde may be highlighted. The impact of the conjunction lasts 2 – 3 days. The meetings of Sun and Mercury are characterized by increased mental activity and awareness. However the downsides of the retrograde phase may be more apparent, too. (Delays, misunderstandings, miscommunication, technical glitches, etc) Even if you are shy by nature, Mercury in Leo may prone you to draw attention with your words and remain in the center of it. However, it is essential to consider, which kind of attention you want.

Mercury Sun conjunction

Mercury Sun conjunction – use the energy wisely 

During this retrograde phase Mars is retrograde, too. (The opposition between Mars and Mercury perfected on the 5th of July, and it is over, but due to the retrograde the tension generated by this aspect may prevail throughout the first three weeks of August.) Fixed signs can stick stubbornly to their views and Mercury in Leo may prone you to dominate the conversation and force your opinion on others. Meanwhile it can lead to the refusal of considering other’s. The square between the Jupiter and the Sun- Mercury conjunction indicates disagreements and arguments about ideas and beliefs. Such interactions can easily lead to conflicts and bruised egos.Thus before expressing your opinion, listen carefully. Try to be as objective as you can. Avoid impulsive actions as well as getting involved in arguments.

However, if you use wisely the energy of this conjunction, you will have an excellent opportunity to review your creative ideas before you go to public with them. Give a second thought, elaborate the details, make the necessary adjustments. Both planets are in fire elements, so the atmosphere will be ruled by creativity, enthusiasm, forward thinking, passion. Take the time you need to make sure: you create the perfect background to make your visions come true. You can take practical steps after the 19th of August, after Mercury turns direct.

Mercury Sun conjunction

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