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Sun Mercury conjunction

Sun Mercury conjunction

On the 13th of December Sun Mercury conjunction happens on the 21°of Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet governing our intellect, minds, our way of learning and communication. The Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force. The meetings between the two planets stimulate mental activity, they are favorable for discussions and debates, getting a more comprehensive insight, meeting new people, travelling.

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However  if you want to make the most of this transit you need to take in consideration the following facts: Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius and also is in its retrograde phase. The exact conjunctions between Sun and Mercury mean that Sun „combusts” Mercury. Thus your capacity for reason may be diminished by the powerful rays of the Sun.

This is a very important point because in the sign of the Archer, the logical, analytical Mercury is  overwhelmed by ideals, ideologies and beliefs. While this position enables it to understand the big picture, important details will skip its attention. It won’t be concerned either whether its cherished theories and beliefs are in line with the facts. This may lead in itself to needless arguments, people can be very opinionated and sustain their views without reality check. They will also try to impose them on others.

Sun Mercury conjunction

Sun Mercury conjunction – Mercury retrograde

Additionally, Mercury is retrograde till the 22th of December. It’s retrograde phase is associated with delays, miscommunication, technical glitches, moments when the karma of relationships plays out. According to the traditional Astrology, the retrograde phase of the planet of mental processes, communication, travels, paperwork, sales is not favorable for signing contracts, financial transactions, negotiations, starting journeys.

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From the other hand the retrograde cycles of Mercury are very helpful if you’d like to rethink, relearn, make some adjustments, re-evaluate, redo. Thus the conjunction of the retrograde Mercury and the Sun gives opportunity to reevaluate our projects, ideals from a higher perspective. If you are learning a foreign language, you are involved with foreign cultures, religious, spiritual studies, you will find the coming days very inspiring. Important meetings (very likely with people from your past) may also occur.

My advice is that instead of starting something new, improve your already existing knowledge. Paying special attention to the details, you will understand better the bigger picture. Completing the unfinished work is the key of a successful start of 2018.

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