Venus – Mars Trine: balance and reconciliation

Venus Mars trine

Venus Mars trine – a positive outlet

The Venus Mars trine perfects on the 9th of November (Aquarius – Libra 26°), indicating the possibility of a positive outlet for all the tensions bottled up during of the 6 weeks of Venus retrograde.

Since the 31st of October, when Venus re-entered Libra we experience a significant energy shift.  The atmosphere eased up, especially if the biggest part of the lessons of the retrograde period were learnt. After recognizing our deepest needs we are now in a better position to assert them. Hopefully by now the Scorpionic intuition, thoroughness, commitment and emotional intensity is combined with a healthy dose of detachment and objectivity specific to Librans. We are able to identify the situations and interactions which are not good for us, and we can easier move forward instead of getting stuck in them.

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Thus the Mars – Venus trine perfected on the 9th of November shows considerable improvements in our relationship dynamics. Generally speaking the flowing Mars – Venus aspects indicate a balance of masculine and feminine energy. They give a good sense to realize when to be assertive, when to cooperate and when to capitulate. These aspects are associated with a strong creative streak and ability to enjoy life. The desire for social contact is combined with the ability to reach easily what you are longing for. Thus the current trine creates a perfect atmosphere to start working on the relationship issues surfaced during the Venus retrograde.

By doing so we succeeded to establish a healthy balance between giving and taking, getting pleased and pleasing others, commitment and freedom, giving sufficient space to the partner and still feel secure, etc. The atmosphere of our partnerships (not only romantic relationships) eases up, as we can communicate our needs and show our boundaries if necessary without dramas. This will make easier to let the old hurts go and to reconcile with the special one.

Venus Mars trine

Venus Mars trine – the „karma of the relationship” plays out

However it is vital to realize that sometimes the best thing we can do is to part as friends. Although the retrograde cycles of planets have a karmic nature, and Venus retrogrades are considered periods when the „karma of the relationship” plays out, it is important to understand that not all the so – called „karmic” relationships are destined to last. Some of them have one and only aim: to teach us how to get out of them and how not to get involved in similar ones in the future.

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Venus Mars trine

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