VENUS at Perihelion

Venus perihelion

Venus perihelion – some astrological details

Our subject today will be how Venus perihelion – happening today on the 16th of May at 00:00 GMT – will influence our lives. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus and is the second planet of the solar system. Venus is far from the Sun but on the other hand the the closest planet to Earth, and it is classified as a terrestrial planet like Mercury, Mars, and Earth. Venus is also called as Earth’s twin, because it has a great resemblance to the Earth. It is enough to take a look at it’s size and composition. The first visit to Venus took place in 1962 by the Mariner 2.

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Like every planet, Venus also moves around the Sun which is what we call “Venus Orbit”. Venus’s distance from the Sun varies by only about 1.5% between perihelion and aphelion. Perihelion is the closest position of Venus to the Sun and Aphelion is the opposite of that. When Venus will be at the closest point of the Sun their distance will be only 107 million km approximately.

So how will this event affect the horoscopes of the zodiac solar Map? What are the advice to avoid negative vibes that some might feel and what to focus on in order to catch the positive energy?

Venus Perihelion influences the period of 15th of May to 16th of June 2018. Let’s see eventually what this means for each of you!

Venus perihelion

Venus perihelion – Group A – Aries (66%), Taurus (95%), Gemini (68%), Cancer (77%):

  • New Course of formal studies.
  • Returning to religion or spiritual traditions.
  • Help of solving problems after a torment.
  • Energy of a right intuition and wisdom for an evolution of a situation.
  • Freedom of actions.
  • Diplomatical actions required.
  • Receiving good advice from experts.
  • Getting a new career or promotion abroad.
  • Energy of healing specially from chronic disease.
  • Energy of love and sentimental plans for future.
  • Resistance to the blow of fate specially for Aries and expansion of their projects or new activities.
  • Solving love and financial problems for Taurus.
  • Attract Seduction situations for Geminis.
  • Attract reconciliation and happy meetings for Cancers.

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Venus perihelion – Group B – Sagittarius(95%), Capricorn(60%), Aquarius (68%)Pisces(71%):

  • Judgmental attitudes.
  • Tolerance and anger mood, feeling nervous.
  • Lack of faith and actions.
  • Misunderstandings in your relationship.
  • Dishonest proposal.
  • Respiratory or nervous disorders for those that they had Health problems with this Field so care about that.
  • Contrariety, struggle and misplaced trust specially in Sagittarius and Leos people for Sagittarius.
  • Unemployment or discord with your lover for Capricorn.
  • Mental confusion for Aquarius.
  • Resistance to serious difficulties and receiving a gift or a deal for Pisces.

Venus perihelion

Venus perihelion – Group C – Leo(74%), Virgo(74%), Libra(61%), Aquarius(61%):

In case of these 4 signs the actual impacts depend on your personal birth chart. Generally I advice you to stay calm and to follow your inner wisdom. Get the advice of an elder and wiser Leo or Sagittarius if help is needed for you in this period. Also you should make sure to resist negativity and struggle to improve your situation with great will and by focusing on your goals! Defend yourself and act quickly!

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