Author: Oranum Psychic CrystalPowers

Moving forward

Guideposts and clues into the key points of your life

Moving forward – Past, Present and Future Past, Present and Future is your now, in other words your present moment. Navigating within these realms is the key to moving forward. If you can maintain a healthy balance among each of these, which is what life is truly about, you will find that an Intuitive and/or a Reader will provide you guidepost’s and clue’s into the key points of your life. These hints and insights will help you in moving the story of your life forward. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! When in doubt, have a reading. A note here: I prefer to work with tools (Tarot and the Lenormand decks). You’ll find that regular readings are insightful and will point out aspects you might not have considered for the situation at hand. Doubt can be rooted in fear, which on one good day you may find serves you very well, you may make a choice not to move forward with something that you just weren’t sure about. Which …