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signs of abuse

Love or abuse?

Signs of abuse – Love or abuse? Love is kind, Love is pure, Love is simple. Love means putting others before yourself, making sure that the person you love is taken care of emotionally. It means surrendering to your past and moving toward for your partner. It is a glowing, healing light that surrounds your body. It is positive, it is clear and it is healthy. It is growth, it is empowering your partner to reach their goals and to go after their dreams. Now often love can also turn into abuse without us realizing it. However the signs of abuse can be recognized on time. Let’s get to know the signs of abuse: Justifying everything with “I love you so much, I will change for you. Most of the time this is just a tactic to get you to stay with the abuser and without help they will continue their abusive patterns. Saying “if you love me you’ll do it” this is forcing you to do something in a manipulative way. “Finding excuses to …