Author: Oranum Psychic Pathfinder

Lovers card

What does he think about me?

A lot of my tarot readings begin with the question “what does he think of me?” The querent may have just met this fella, felt a spark, and needed some assurances. She and her husband of ten years may be going through a rough patch that has no foreseeable end, and she needs to know if she should stay or go. There are a number of reasons that may have led her to a tarot reading, but at the end of the day, she wants to know “what does he think of me?” And here comes the Lovers card. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!  After years of answering this question, I have found one card in the deck that is always relevant: The Lovers. When the Lovers card first appears, it often leaves the querent a little starry-eyed. It must mean that everything will be okay, that he feels the same way she does, and that they have a connection that runs deep. Depending on the other …