Dream Interpretation

Why dreams are so important?


Dreams – subconscious processes

Every spiritual tradition attributes significance to dreams. Science, in spite of extensive research not being able to provide a sufficient explanation as to why we dream, still recognizes their importance. Even if we don’t understand the subconscious processes behind them, dreams are very beneficial as they give insight into our body, mind, and spirit.

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Dreams are crucial to our emotional and mental health. They can give us tools by which we solve problems, deal with emotions, or discover and develop our creative potential. They can help us realize important things about our relationships and this will enable us to distinguish between the nourishing ones and the energy-drainers.

Quite often our dreams give hints or even clear visions about the future. (Such experiences cannot always be labelled as ‘psychic’ or ESP. Many times the dream brings into focus certain details of our lives which we don’t know we knew, as they completely skip our attention while we are awake. Also, there can be inconvenient truths regarding our attitudes, habits, circumstances, and relationships – which we would rather sweep under the rug. Sure enough, these will be brought to surface by the dream and will give us relevant information about the current circumstances and the tendencies of the future. If you are aware of these, it is easier to get prepared or to change the scenario. I can confirm by experience that it works.


Dreams – symbolic language

However useful they can be, dreams are not easily understood as they use symbols, emotions, and body sensations to communicate. The good news is that this language is learnable (I can assist you with it), although it takes some time and work. The most important thing to start with is to record every single dream you can remember in a diary. The next step is to learn their symbolic language (they use a very similar archetypal language to Tarot cards). Simultaneously, you can start working with them on another level. Different types of creative manual activities (drawing, painting, sewing, carving, etc) are the best for this purpose. Thus, you can materialize the most important themes and characters of the dream. Certain types of mindful meditations will help you understand the meaning of dreams. (The nature of this „understanding” can be intuitive or rational, or it can occur on both levels.)

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The interpretation and creative use of our dream symbols will help you to regain your vitality, have more access to your creative potential, and find new answers to old problems. Due to persistent inner work, the messages of your dreams will become clearer and with more positive content. Simultaneously, the impasses and energy blocks around you will gradually disappear and you will start moving forward in your awakened life, too.


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