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Full Wort Moon Meaning + Special Tea!

Written By: Psychic AlyciaRose

July 19, 2016 – 06:57 pm (EDT) , 22:57 UTC
Sun Opposition Moon (Full Moon) falls at 27° Capricorn

The July Moon is known as the Wort Moon. Wort is the Middle English word meaning a herbaceous plant, especially those used as food or medicinally. So this is the old Herb Moon; a time to harvest herbs for magical and medicinal purposes, with the full moon’s energy being seen as especially potent in influencing the natural qualities of the plants. The Earth’s fertility is at full strength and maturity. According to lore the Moon is essential to the cultivation of plants and their survival. With the Moon in Capricorn it is especially auspicious, as it is considered the time when roots are rising up with energy, culminating with the Sun’s transition into Leo and the Moon in Aquarius – of ascending energy and flowers.

The Full Moon for July is also commonly known as the Full Buck Moon (American Colonial), a time when the buck deer begin to grown out their new antlers under buds of short velvety fur. Another common name is the Full Storm Moon (Native American) for the Thunderstorms that frequently occur in Northeastern America at this time. Other names for this moon include the Hay Moon, Red Moon, Mead or Meadow Moon (Europe), Guru Purnima (India), Esala Poya (Buddhist) Hungry Ghost Moon (China).

The Capricorn Full Moon is opposite the Cancerian Sun. Signs in opposition of each other are like a Yin/Yang symbol – each sign has what the other lacks. The gentle forces of the Full Moon requires that we move forward to integrate these opposing energies. This polarity also affects the relationship between the outer world and the inner one, stay balanced. Be clear in your work, goals and interactions with others that they are in harmony. Utilize the nurturing aspect of Cancer to care for yourself, your home, and your family. Don’t overwork or stress, and be sure to take some time to smell the flowers.

In terms of magick, traditionally the Wort Moon is peak time to gather herbs (worts) to be dried, for use in spells and natural medicines long after summer has passed. In the sign of Capricorn it is a good time to focus on magick, spells, and energy work involving strength, magical potency, harvest, health, career/work/business, honor, recognition and success. This is especially usefully if you wish to see long term results.

Wort Moon Tea Recipe (for Love and Protection)
1 teaspoon raspberry leaf
1 teaspoon hawthorn berries
1 teaspoon white tea
1 teaspoon violet flowers
1 teaspoon white rose flower petals
2.5 cups water

Place ingredients in a glass jar and leave in the Full Moon’s light all night, and remove before dawn. Strain, and enjoy heated or cold.

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