Full Moon Report

Hand in hand the Strawberry Full Moon and a Ten Million Day!

Strawberry Full Moon on a Ten Million day

Have you ever wondered why odd events, strange happenings, and events take place during the full moon?  Is this mere coincidence or is there more to it?

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Consider the fact that the moon is the closest celestial body to our planet. It controls the oceanic tides, gravitational influences and is used to recharge and revamp crystals.  Not only is the moon very important to our existence here on planet Earth, it also contributes a great deal to each and everyone’s behavior, actions and thoughts. Astrologically speaking, most people are familiar with their Sun sign yet few are familiar with the true aspect of what the moon can reveal about one’s true self.

Strawberry Full Moon

In the Buddhist calendar there are special days set aside to commemorate the four great deeds of Shakyamuni Buddha. On these days, the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied by ten million times, so they are great days for accumulating merit. Therefore on special days like this it is essentially important to create the harmony between our actions and thoughts.

Strawberry Full Moon

In the next few weeks, the moon will go through its typical phases; however, this June is especially important and there is a day you will want to scrawl down on your calendar.  On Friday, June 9 at 14:10 UTC or 9:10 Eastern Standard Time, the moon will inter a period known the Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Full Moon

Simply speaking the strawberry full moon was used by European tribes to be the time to harvest strawberries; however, its importance is that is begins the true start of summer as it co-insides with the summer solstice.  This year you should take some time to meditate by venturing out and spending time connecting with Mother Luna and your loved one; to reflect and give thanks to all she brings to us – Also be aware this moon is the moon for love and lovers. So, do not forget to validate and admire your loved one on this date as the strawberry full moon with be a harbinger for bringing positive connections between the two of you. Remember that all the positive energy is multiplied by ten million times!

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The moon will be full, but don’t confuse its fullness, as being full of crazy occurrences; however, consider this as being a time of restful energy and connections with those you love. Do not hesitate to kick off your shoes and bask in her beautiful nocturnal glow and meditate on what areas in your life need protection, consider ways that you can strengthen the connection with yourself and others. Ponder meditating on those troublesome decisions you have been putting off, and take responsibility for aspects that are presently going on around you.  This is also an excellent time for you to work on aspects that have not made sense to you and work on healing and forgiving your own personal inconsistencies as well as your loved one. Do not forget to reward your significant loved one for the positive actions they have accomplished.

Strawberry Full Moon

Remember that the moon controls the tides, consider the amount of energy that requires, rest assured the strawberry full moon’s energy will also affect you for the better this month, if you simply take time to enjoy her natural, grand splendor and her ability to provide you with assistance. If you grow strawberries take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor the sweetness just like early native tribes did eons ago.

Finally some tips to help you create and/or strengthen harmony in your life on a Ten Million day:

  • Be kind to others
  • Talk about your situation and about yourself with love
  • Concentrate on the positive things in your life and be thankful
  • Use your thoughts for creating the happiness you long for; visualize it and know that everything can happen indeed!
  • Choose all the positive feelings today: smile, love and be happy!
  • Know that you have the power to control your life
  • Be with those who brings love and joy into your life

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Blessings and may this Strawberry Moon enhance your connection with your loved one this day and this year!

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