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Meditation – a practical guide for Everyone

A practical guide for Everyone

Meditation should indeed be a practice for everyone. It is an exercise that essentially balances the mental and emotional state of mind. This can lead to physical and psychological well-being, or both when the two are intrinsically linked.

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Medication vs. Meditation  

A neuroscientist, Willoughby Britton, gave a TED Talk on a recent development called contemplative science (ex: the scientific and empirical studies on meditation) which combines the evidence in science, medicine, and meditation together to prove the link between attention, mental habit, and happiness. She basically says that meditation is better than medication because meditation actually changes and reprograms your brain when medication cannot.

Medication, such as antipsychotic drugs, have been shown to not treat psychological conditions at all, but only hinder the condition. So, if someone is bipolar and they take medication for it, they won’t stop being bi-polar. They have to remain on medication for the rest of their lives. Well, this is what the doctors tell you.

Common Side Effects of Medication ● Blurred vision ● Dry mouth ● Drowsiness ● Muscle spasms or tremors ● Weight gain


Side Effects of Meditation ● a calm and less distracted mind ● being able to control how you think and react to people and the world… this is inner peace… Yes, it really is!

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Someone asked the world famous Deepak Chopra if there are negative side effects to meditation and he responded with:

“Any negative side effects of meditation can only come from doing meditation incorrectly.”

He means mentally straining or resisting against thoughts while trying to stay concentrated. That effort keeps the mind from spontaneously moving toward self-awareness – the goal of meditation. If you are unsettled and emotionally upset before starting meditation, then the best thing to do is practice a few minutes of easy breathing exercises, or pranayama, to calm the mind and then begin meditation. Remember, as you do your meditation, never force or push against thoughts or feelings.
Love, Deepak


A Practical Guide to Meditation

  1. Put on comfortable clothing.
  2. Put away your wristwatch and set your cellphone to silent.
  3. Prepare relaxing music, and press pause when it begins to play.
  4. Tell your family you do not want to be disturbed for an hour or so.
  5. Now find a place to sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet place; your bedroom floor or your bed. It might be easier for beginners to meditate lying down in their bed at first.
  6. Make sure you are warm and will not become cold.
  7. Press play, and go sit or lie down

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Remember to feel your breath go in and out of your body. And if your mind starts to race and think of all sorts of things, just focus on the music and then go back to listening to your own breath. Feel the muscles of your body relax. It’s okay if you fall asleep. Reduce your stress… Find and embrace your love of self and your peace of mind…

Happy meditating everyone!

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