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Stressed or angry? – 4 easy calming techniques

Our lifestyle has changed so much in the past 100 years

With the constant improvement of technology, nowadays we have the chance to live a much easier life than our parents did. However, our life is only “easier” in the sense that we don’t have to do as much physical work as the earlier generations did and we enjoy far greater comfort. On the other hand, we cannot hide the fact that our society is more stressed, faces negativities such as depression, anxiety and anger. The root of these uncomfortable feelings lies within nowadays’ modern lifestyle as well.

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While our grandparents possesed an inherent wisdom how to handle these unpleasant feelings we must learn calming techniques to be able to overcome bad periods or to control them. Naturally we also have to mention that the amount of stress we need to deal with in general has been increasing too but you can always enter to my room for instant uplifting energies.

We would like to present a few calming techniques that will not require huge efforts from the reader, however, their effects are widely acknowledged.

Calming Techniques for Anger and anxiety

There are many challenges everyone faces on a daily basis and it is quite understandable that in case you are not yet enlightened it is not always easy to avoid becoming angry. It is obviously unnecessary to go into details where it can possibly lead if your rage directs your actions. Hurting other people never has never led to positive results. Note that anger has an extremely negative effect on your mental and physical health as well. Regarding anxiety, an easy tip is to look at the big picture, to widen your focus. There is surely more to life around you then the thing you are stressed about. Is that thing really worth making you anxious?

If you end up practicing the methods listed below, all you can lose is being less stressful!

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Breathing exercises are perfect when you are stressed:

Breath deeply and evenly immediately when you feel stressed or became angry. Breathing is the best calming technique for anger as it has a very relaxing effect. To concentrate on breathing rather than on the situation that made you feel bad, it will put your mind at ease. Inhale deeply through your  nose and exhale slowly through the mouth at least three times. You may take 3 deep breath now as well. How did it feel? Share your experience with me right now.

Concentration: Crucify and concentrate on your certain body parts or all of your body. Flex your muscles for a few seconds then release them. As you slowly release the tension, your anger will fly away as well.

Exercise: Do some warm up and stretching exercises when you are angry. One of the most useful ways to relase stress is to shake it off. You will not regret excercising indeed because it brings your the reward of immediate relief.



The most useful balancing technique ever invented in history. While a even a decade ago it was considered as the privilege of the Buddhist Monks in hidden temples of the highest mountains, luckily nowdays it is becoming more and more popular among stressed people of modern societies too. Meditation is all about focus and concentration, therefore nothing helps more get over the bad periods than meditation. There are various methods you may use however the simpliest is to concentrate on your breathing and do not try to regulate your thoughts. Just let your thoughts and feelings come and go easily, as if they only were nothing but pure air. All that meditation requires is a little commitment and a little will-power.

Finally let us mention some other tips that might come at handy in case of moments when you are stressed or anxious: a balanced diet, taking regular relaxing baths, watching a nice movie, owning a pet, taking long walks. Basically to possess the ability to get over stressful moments easily and not get stuck into for longer periods is all you need to evolve a balanced lifestyle. We sincerely hope that the tricks and practices mentioned above prove to be helpful but remember that magic begins when you actually start implementing them into your everyday routine.

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