Enhancing your love life with your Guardian Angel

Greetings my friend,

We are in part angels, angels with just one wing and in order to fly and reach a happy love life we need to embrace each other.

However, for any internal or external reason, there are occurrences when we are right up there on cloud nine with our beloved one, that the wing of our significant other or our wing (it is a matter of perception), is not vibrating anymore at the same rhythm.

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When this occurs, it is very common that the couple starts to lose confidence, trust, and you think it’s time to flee, you start descending, and even if all the lights of the universe send you the message „DON’T PANIC”, the relationship may still explode like a bubble of soap. This initial iceberg, as in the case of Titanic, is the one on which many relationships stumble and sink.

Indeed, instead of finding a common ground and take care of your own wing first, your ego steps forward, and you stop embracing each other. These ‘rocks’ are in fact opportunities that can help you fly even higher with your partner and achieve a better love life and mutual empowerment.

love life

Sometimes it’s God who gives us the impression that we only have one wing to rely on and the relationship is failing. It is, I can assure you, not because He is the transfiguration of the parental voices that keep ringing in your head to this day even about the limited way of how to give and receive love:

“Sensei, don’t do this, Sensei, don’t do that”. – Because if you happen to be bad or a sinner, you will burn in hell!

Love life – main ingredients

God is the embodiment of Unconditional Love and choosing to understand God is just a limitation coming from how love was shared with us and this has an immense influence on how we interact with our partners. God is showing us one wing because He wants us to embrace Him. He wants we trust Him through dark times.

Dark times are not bad, it is our laboratory in which we put together what we are going to experience in lighter times and the main ingredients need to be faith, trust, patience and compassion if we want to create happiness and a fulfilling love life.

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I’m not saying that you can’t have bad feelings, even Christ, a few minutes before dying on the cross was scared. It is normal to have bad feelings, it is like you are driving, you are singing and suddenly a pedestrian crosses your way, you need to save the person but at the same time you are stressed and inclined to start yelling simply out of stress at that person.

It is humane to have that first reaction, but then you need to take the incautious pedestrian’s motives into account as well, maybe he was rushing to the pharmacy to buy vital medicine for his mother – who knows?

While you need to protect yourself and not suppress your feelings either, you should also take others into account. If you fail to do it or continue to have these patterns in a relationship, as in acting as the victim, persecutor or rescuer, you need to take a close look at the amount of effort of you and your partner put into the relationship respectively.

love life

How can Angels help you in achieving a satisfactory love life?

Well first of all you need to know who your Guardian Angel is so now I’m inviting all of you to discover the name of your Guardian Angel in Free Chat. You need to find balance between Spirituality and Materiality and make first of all of your own recovery the first priority. Developing your spirituality requires that you use affirmations to overcome old patterns of thinking and feeling, and to replace old belief systems.

Without spiritual development, it is nearly impossible to let go of controlling tendencies that make you believe that all will work out as you wish them to be. Spiritual practice can calm you, and help change your perspective from being victimized to being uplifted.

“God is the light in which I see”

Use the affirmation as a mantra, repeat it for a minute twice a day, and before saying it, envision yourself in a bubble of Golden Light that is wrapping in its wings of light from your back. For tailored prayers and affirmation and specific advice with the support of your Guardian Angel please visit me now!

Love life

Love, light and abundance,


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