Flowers and Their Messages of Love


Flowers – Communication

In the world of modern communications, it is easy to forget that for much of man’s history flowers have been used as a way for lovers to communicate.  From the flowers representing the courtship to the flowers chosen to be in a bridal bouquet, very specific messages and meanings are sent.

The language of flowers is believed to have its roots in the harems of the ancient Middle East.  In the restrictive world of the harem, love to anyone other than your husband was not only frowned upon, but could get you dead.  Abundant and easily available, flowers were used to communicate tender feelings between lovers.

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The Victorians took the language of flowers to a high art.  In the era of Queen Victoria florigraphy (the language of flowers) reached its highest use.  There were floral dictionaries covering the meanings of the blossoms. Brides would angst over having just the right flowers in their bouquets.  Yet, having blossoms in a bouquet upside down meant rejection no matter how pretty the flowers.


Flowers of Love – Roses

The rose is a flower that has been associated with love since the ancient Greeks.  Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created them when she cried over the body of her beautiful lover, Adonis.  The Romans also saw the rose as a flower of love and associated it with Cupid.  Said to have offered a rose to keep Venus’ liaisons a secret.

The red rose still represents a love that is passionate and full of sensual heat.. Pink roses indicate a love that is innocent or not completely matured.  White roses indicate a love that is pure and innocent, with no need for self gain.  The yellow roses indicate a platonic love, they say “please be my friend.”

Other Flowers of Love

Camellias.  Pink camellias symbolize longing and desire.  White says that you are everything that I adore.  Red camellias speak of passion and sensual love and say “you are a flame in my heart.

Carnations speak of lasting fidelity and deep love.

Forget-Me-Not.  The name says it all.  This delicate blue flower means both true love and a desire to not be forgotten

Lily-of-the-Valley symbolizes happiness.

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Myrtle is a symbol of love, being the Hebrew emblem of marriage.

Primrose. The bright primrose indicates that love is eternal.

Purple Lilacs speak of a new love starting.

Red Chrysanthemums are one of the ultimate “I love you” flowers.

Stephanotis speaks of happiness in marriage.

Stargazer Lilies signify innocence and purity.

Sunflowers represent pure love, longevity and adoration.

The blue violet was a way to tell a lover that “I’ll always be true to you.”

The zinnia has several associations, and specifically the magenta zinnia means lasting affection.

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