Loves me, loves me not?!

Love doubts – how do we know?

Many people simply do not know, if a person finds them attractive. When moving in a social circle, it can seem like you are in a foreign country and everyone is speaking a different language. The language of love is sometimes spoken directly and other times, it is totally silent. For some people, it is so obvious, that cupid is around, that their mind races ahead to planning the first date and deciding what to wear. There are no love doubts in this case. But what if a normally very confident person is duped, or caught off guard. This is rare to a lot of people, as individually people are not always able to admit, they got a person’s feelings or affections wrong. Energy can be deceptive in the sense, it can stimulate and almost initiate romance in a person through a single glance.

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Sometimes a person’s whole persona can set love alarm bells ringing and these are difficult to switch off. It is not an amusing situation, if you find simply everything is right with a person and they are just so perfect for you. Yet on further analysis, it appears the person you desire is unattracted to you, or following another person, who is already upon their path. A person who is really happy can attract a lot of people, as confidence can give energy feet and freedom to move into your soul promptly waking love’s empty sleeping zones. On the other hand, you may find another person’s positive vibrations can fill you to the top; just by listening to them speak, or watching them move. It is best to qualify, as soon as possible, if a person is a good match, or they have other plans in life, that maybe, do not include you.

love doubts

The reason being, it is better to not waste energy on any person, who is in love with someone else. Love can put a person on another planet, as all things have just one focus, which is being with the person you love.

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Love doubts – are you ready?

Some unattainable people like stars are there to tease us through life because we are just not ready for a partner yet. In these cases to love and admire is sometimes a good option. When you are ready to actually fall in love and respond positively to another’s advancement, then the time is right. If you feel like love is simply passing you by, then try to let go of wanting and needing, as these emotions can end up feeling like heavy chains. Learn to fill your life with other things, until you find a person brave and wise. A person able to see through all your hard work and constant busy schedule to the person needing love within.

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love doubts

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