Love or Lust: Knowing the Difference

Love or Lust

Love or Lust: Knowing the Difference

Are you extremely attracted to someone? Well, that’s  really great, but how do you know whether it’s love or lust?

You see, the line between lust and love isn’t very clear. In fact, there can be no attraction without lust. Our biology does play an active role in determining how and to whom we are attracted. But, the problem with lust is that it is very temporary. Every good relationship must eventually evolve from the lust phase to the love phase. But, how do you even know when and if it does?

Well, here are a few signs to look out for.

Love or Lust

Love or Lust – Increased Focus on Sex

Sex is core part of a healthy relationship. No romantic relationship can survive without sex. However, if the only feeling that you’re able to express his sexual attraction, you’re probably not in love. Love is characterized by a much deeper connection. A connection that transcends physical pleasure.
So, unless you and your partner aren’t emotionally invested in each other, you aren’t in love. It’s pure lust at this point. But things can change. So, give it some time.

Love or Lust – You are Only Interested in Each Other

People say that possessiveness is a red flag in any relationship. However, this isn’t completely true. A person who truly wants you will show some amount of possessiveness. This is because they have that deep emotional and psychological connection with you.

Possessiveness that comes from love is very different from the kind of possessiveness that stems from lust. In the latter, your partner or you try to control each other. You treat others as objects that belong only to one another. This sort of tyrannical control is unhealthy.
But a mild amount of possessiveness is a good sign.

Love or Lust

Love or Lust – The Willingness to Sacrifice

Is your partner willing to make sacrifices for you and you for them? Well, if the answer is a yes, that is a sign of love. Lustful relationships only lead to taking and very little giving. This is because they’re based solely on acquiring physical pleasure rather than achieving long-term commitment.

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