Some of the Associations of Love

Love symbols

Love symbols – evoke emotions

From cheap trinkets to extravagantly expensive gifts, lovers have expressed their feelings to one another by various love symbols including gestures and gifts.  Romantic feelings are expressed with a variety of things from foods and herbs, to gems and flowers.  From fragrances of the ancient world that are the forerunners of modern perfumes, to flowers whose delicate petals evoke tender feelings, love has a variety of associations.  Here are just a few of the associations of love.

Love and Food

Most cultures have a food that is purported to help stir the passions.  From the earth asparagus, avocado and chocolate are just a few of the foods believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.  The sea gives oysters and prawns, both said to bring a heightened sexual desire.  Did you know that tomatoes are sometimes called “love apples”?  And then, there are strawberries and mangoes to round out the fruits of desire.

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Love and Fragrances

Your personal scent– your pheromones, are your best scent.  Scent has been used through the ages to inspire love and amorous feelings.  Rose and jasmine were used in Ancient Egypt.  Lily, cinnamon and myrrh have been in use as a scent used by lovers for millennia.  These scents are used in massage oils too.  Patchouli is another scent believed to instil passion.

Love symbols – Love and Flowers

The rose is the best known of the flowers of love. However, other flowers are associated with the tenderest of emotions. Other blossoms that tell of love are violets, white lilies, and crocuses.  White flowers convey love’s purity.  While red roses speak of passion, pink roses indicate romantic love.  Flowers of any kind can convey you care, but for romance, try sending some of the flowers of love.

Love symbols

Love and Herbs

Rosemary (representing remembrance) and marigolds (meaning constancy) were used in bridal bouquets. Wild thyme is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and is said to bring protection to lovers.  Lavender was thought to be a calming scent allowing closeness between lovers.

Love and Gems

Expressing the capability of love to endure, jewelry has been the chosen gift of lovers for millennia.  Rose quartz is often called a “love stone,” but there are other gems that are associated with love.  Diamonds speak of the everlasting component of love. Rubies and garnets with their blood red color are associated with the passionate side of love.  Pink and green tourmaline is considered a love crystal.

These are just a small sample of the many love symbols and associations of love.  Each culture and tradition the world over has its own associations when it comes to expressing love in ways other than words.  These are just a few.

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