How to recognize a Cheater and get over it?

Dark feelings?

Feelings of jealousy come when we sense our partner’s attention divert towards another person. These dark feelings can strike us almost instantly and be accompanied with anger. Naturally this does not necessarily mean that our partner is a cheater. However indeed for some people, it is a slippery slope to doom and destruction, which they cannot get off of, until they hit rock bottom. The feeling of a happy relationship disappears and is replaced with a lower negative earthy quality, which is more resembling to business partners than lovers. This can drive a sensitive person to depression and even outbursts of sadness, as they battle with the negative vibrations, which they are suddenly struck by. Not feeling gorgeous enough to hold your partner’s attention is more common than you think. Or sensing that your partners are weak in their faithfulness and imagining they are prone to being unfaithful, can be another awkward position to find yourself in.

Cheater? Or tricks of the mind

The mind can play all sorts of tricks but oranum psychics are always there to help you get rid of them. Suddenly you imagine your partner is a cheater; not heading to their workplace, but actually going to meet a dark shady lover. Your partner is suddenly turned from a loyal lover into a cheater, a deceitful dog. Some partners actually play on this insecurity and use it to provoke a reaction.

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This is not good, but I have heard both men and women say the following phrases. “I am going to flirt with Simon because it makes Mark jealous.” Or this: “I am going to make out with another person or will see someone else just to get her attention.” I have even heard one person say, “Sasha needs a lesson, so I am going to kiss Stacey because I know she will find out about it.” Why a person would do this on purpose? Only to provoke a reaction of course, or force their partner to experience a very unpleasant emotion. They do not look into the future though. They do not consider the option that this action might actually make their partner leave. They do not stop and think that their partner might feel betrayed and put an end to the relationship, but in reality, this is very much the case.

Was it only a bit of fun?

Ask me for clarity if you think your partner is a cheater or if you are concerned! Guys often say, “It was only a bit of fun, don’t tell the missus!” But truthfully, they are too immature to leave the bachelor lifestyle behind and therefore fall into the trap of using a single lad’s way of thinking. It is not just a male thing either. Some ladies cannot think of anything else but finding a man for a quick fling, before they head back to the husband. This can be deep rooted and a lot people who do this in fact copy their own parents’ cheater behavior.

Not all people are unfaithful, but all people must do what makes them feel right, or what comes naturally. The choice of being a cheater, leaving or staying is up to the individual, but lots of tears and arguments are normally associated with separation. If you are constantly being put through situations that cause you to end up in tears, it may be time to confront your partner. After all, our lives are for living and having fun, for sharing tender moments of love and bliss.

Don’t suffer

You are born to be rewarded with gifts, both material and spiritual, not to suffer because of someone’s bad manners and negativity.


Some people feel rejection and voice it loudly in an argument. They often say things like, “Are you seeing someone else?” “Why are you calling Jennifer again?” “Why do you have Adrian’s number in your phone?” This can cause pain and anger. Often people who feel rejected either hide it or deny it.

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There are certain rules that should be acknowledged in relationships. After all guys have rules in football, or it would not be a sensible game, so they do understand rules. Girls follow the rules of netball and also are not stupid. So rules are taught to all early in life and we do understand them, right? So if the referee does not see a foul, the footballer will pretend it did not happen, but it’s guaranteed that someone on the other team will yell their head off, just to get the referee’s attention. If you feel you are being tricked by your partner, how can you prove you are right or wrong, if he/she is a cheater or not? After all it is your partner, you should be able to ask them anything. If you cannot ask these questions without being punished, or called names, maybe you are with the wrong person.

An example

Becky is laughing in the other room, at a text she just received. Paul hears her laughing and automatically gets feelings of sadness and doom and his mood quickly goes downhill. Instead of asking Becky directly, („Who is on the phone?” or „Who are you texting?”), Paul walks away feeling gloomy. Paul should be able to just ask Becky what she is doing, if he can’t, then the relationship will not progress and get stronger. If Becky really loves Paul, she will tell him what she is doing to dissolve his dark mood and bring him back to the light. But, if Becky does not know she is in fact hurting Paul, she will continue to cause him pain and push him away without actually realizing it. Nine out of ten times once a partner is shown that their actions are causing pain and jealousy to their loved one, they stop doing the thing in question that is causing the pain. There is always a case of suitability and unsuitability, where mothers and fathers will always tell you to find someone more suitable, someone who will not put you through all this pain. But it is difficult, if you are already in love with someone and they are constantly doing things that cause you grief.

Do not give up!

Remembering how you used to act at school can help, especially remembering our special friends who would never hurt us. It is the same when picking partners, if the person who you give all your love to keeps burning it up, or chucking it away, maybe you should confront them directly. If you were still a kid in school you would stop playing with Sally, if she kept pulling your hair on a daily basis to hurt you or just out of spite. It is the same in adult life, but sometimes it’s harder to let go, or confront a person about problems, but don’t give up. People can use their mistakes to eventually improve from them and relationships can be developed into something more and better too if both partners work on their differences.

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