Are you a good catch?

Good catch

Good catch – reverse the question

With more than 25 years of experience in Tarot and Astrology I’m quite familiar with the question: „Will I start a new relationship soon?” Many people will not be satisfied with less than a perfect relationship, but seem to be very surprised when I reverse the question: „Are you a good catch, a  perfect partner yourself?”

However, if you really want to find yourself in a good relationship, such soul-searching is unavoidable. Astro – Tarot readings offer a good opportunity to start with. Tarot will show you if there is a prospect of a relationship in the near future, and will give you hints how to change your behavior, emotional and intellectual attitude to attract the special person. Astrology will tell you important details about the structure of your personality, your different needs, and will also clarify if this are in tune with your conscious expectations.

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For instance a woman with a Taurus sun sign may look for a long term, committed relationship with partners maybe with a stable financial background and social status. (The sun sign indicates among other things one’s conscious attitude and expectations.) If a Taurus woman has, let’s say, her Moon (the subconscious part of the psyche and emotions) in Capricorn, her Venus (way to express attachment, love, and need for security) also in Taurus, and her Mars (self-assertiveness, also in female charts the type of the attractive partner) in Virgo, it is likely she will attract such partners. In this case the expectations and aspirations of her conscious and subconscious personality parts are in tune with each other and we can say that’s a good catch.

Good catch

Good catch – possibilities

If the same Taurus sun sign is combined with her hyper-sensitive Moon in Scorpio, her pioneer-spirited Venus in Aries, and her adventurous Mars in Sagittarius, the picture will be completely different. This lady will have to realise sooner or later that the partners she is attracted to won’t satisfy her innate need for security. They can be very passionate lovers, entertaining, creative people, but she will only get hurt if she tries to establish a too tight commitment with them. (Simultaneously, she may find the Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn guys attracted by her Taurus Sun too boring or possessive. Thus she will be the one looking for the emergency exit in a relationship like that, only to jump on to the next unstable one and then complain about the disappointment.)

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A comprehensive chart analysis will help this person understand why she finds herself always in the same relationship scenarios, and how she is able to eventually expedite positive changes. In principle there are two healthy solutions in such cases, but the way of elaboration depends on the individual. 1. Step out of the comfort zone and get involved with studies, your profession or hobbies in real challenges. Thus you won’t need to search (subconsciously) for adventures provided by rollercoaster like relationships. 2. Be sincere with yourself and don’t expect things from your partner you couldn’t provide him with in return either. Put aside your expectations of security and steadiness for a while, and enjoy the freedom, fun and passion as long as the relationship lasts. A reading will also help you figure out which way is your true way.

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