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🏆 Meet our newly joined US Psychics

Oranum is proud to introduce you this week’s Featured US Psychics! Do not hesitate to contact them with your issues in the field of Love & Relationship, Career, Money or Family matters. Rest assured the guidance you are looking for will certainly be provided by these Real, Genuine and Trustworthy Psychics!

US Psychics – Mari:

US psychics

I am a natural born clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient and I use these gifts in tandem with tarot readings. My readings are straightforward, provided with true compassion, and proven to be very accurate. I can help you with questions about relationships, career, life’s crossroads, or an overall reading about your current situation at this moment. Chat with me if you want to know what the new year will bring, or regarding any situation you would like to fully understand.

US Psychics – Luvnjoy:

US psychics

I am full of fun who loves to live life to the maximum! I accept what life offers and I am always positive. I only imagine and expect the best to happen. My mission is to help others and to be honest that helps me keep up the high level of energy as well! Contact me for uplifting energies and I will teach you in return how to enjoy your life!

US Psychics – Noelle:

US psychics

I am a very understanding, non-judgmental clairvoyant medium, specializing in love/relationship readings and channeling. I will help you with all your situations that you would like resolve. Contact me for private readings, trust me, there is no problem without a solution.

US Psychics – Mattadams744:

US psychics

I am able to read normal playing cards as a device to channel my psychic energy. I have been reading cards for about 15 years and am so excited to start reading your cards!

US Psychics – Gwendolyn:

US psychics

I have been reading, teaching, and doing Tarot Card readings for 16+ years. I come to every reading with a sacred space held just for you, and a desire to give those who honor me with their time an accurate and compassionate reading. I specialize in tarot, but also experienced in Runes, Numerology, Auras, Pendulums, Palmistry and more. I attempt to bring many elements to my readings in order to be able to provide the full picture.



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Clairvoyant readings: I see very detailed and meaningful information in the crystal ball about future events. Tarot: I have been reading tarot cards for 25 years, and use many interesting tarot decks. Clairsentient: I sense things that are going on in yo


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