Valentine’s Day – Find Your Love

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – work with your Love energy

There is belief that on Valentine’s day, holy Valentine himself descends to Earth to help people to find their love! What we can say for sure is that 14th of February holds special energy itself. Valentine’s day is one of the best day of the year to work with your love energy. Remember love is the most powerful energy and everyone longs for it; there is no exception!

I would like to share some simple but very powerful rituals for those who are ready to receive  and share love.

First ritual is for a girls and women who wish to change their inner state, boosting their self-confidence and become desirable for men.

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What you will need to perform this ritual are:

2 red candles

Rose petals or rose water

1 glass of red wine

Rose oil (or any oil that smells like rose).

Rose has always been considered a flower that attracts love.

Valentine's Day

You need to stand up in your bath and pour yourself with one glass of red wine. (from head to toe)

Then fill the bath with water as usual. Put all the listed ingredients into the water and take a nice relaxing bath. Naturally, you need to release all your negative thoughts about your relationships. Keep your focus on your second chakra (The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure center and it is located in the pelvic area) so focus on those area of your body just feel like 1000 orange color butterflies worming up your genitals, do not worry about anything its just your time and you can connect to your feeling really well. When water is cooled down get out from the bath and say the following sentences out loud: “I am the Goddess of Love! I am love itself!

Finally embrace all the positive vibes and let this positiveness surround you from now on.

Valentine’s Day – Second ritual – to find your soul mate

For this ritual you will only need your favorite perfume.

Very important that this ritual can only be done on the 14th of February.

This ritual will help you find your soul mate!
Take the bottle of your favorite perfume and hold it in front of you. Mentally send love to it. Now imagine that this bottle is like your favorite pet (kitten or puppy etc) and start caressing it. At the same time, you must feel and radiate tenderness and love. If you do everything right, you can feel the heat and tingling at the fingertips. As soon as you feel it, confidently say aloud the phrase: “Love is always with me!

Valentine's Day

The ritual is completed. Now you have special, magical spirits that are charged with love. Every time you use these perfume, invisible fluids of love will come from you, which will attract romantic relationships to you.

Charge your favorite perfume and do not be surprised if very soon you will meet your soul mate!!

I share a small secret now: I have a lot of clients who had success after performing these rituals…
Remember in your life anything is possible, you are the key to achieve it.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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