Today’s special energy – Number 22

Master number

Master Number 22

Number 22 is considered as a Master number and the Master Builder, because it’s one of the most powerful numbers.

This number truly has the ability to turn even the greatest dreams into reality. Saying that, this is the effect of Number 22 on several fields of life:

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Love: It’s creating Union and Partnership, and a sense of mutual understanding and compassion in a relationship. This master number also gives a vibration of intense Love and charisma. This number will give you the vibes to express yourself better and in a more diplomatic way to your lover. 22 is a giver. Today you may feel like you would do any kind of sacrifice to make your partner happy and satisfied. On the other hand make sure that there is a balance between giving and taking.

Money: This number attracts the manifestation of dreams, so if it’s used the right way, it can attract wealth and abundance. It’s energy resonates with accomplishment and harmony, all those key factors will help you to overcome any financial problems and to get rid of debts. Number 22 creates the feeling and the desire to be financially stable. The more money you have, the more secured you feel? Today you might become too focused on material things how to possess more or gain more wealth. Don’t go to the point of obsession.

Master number

Carrier: Because of the great power of this master number to achieve what’s hardly imaginable is more supported today. Ambitious people will have a higher chances with this number to be very successful in their work. The vibes of big ideas, leadership and enormous self confidence is what you can expect today. 22 will give you all the tools to succeed in your career and to get fame and promotion. Number 22 will always try to push you to do better, and it will always have high expectation. It will help you to become a hard worker as well as help accepting any kind of challenge in your work no matter how difficult it is. Balance is important here as well.

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Family: Number 22 often makes you stay in situations and try to solve them, rather than to move on. You may feel the urge to transform the atmosphere inside the family for better. And you will have all the tools you need to do that, including stable personality, intelligence and courage. People born under master number 22 seek for Union, that’s why family is very important to them, and what they really care about is the quality of their relationships. Number 22 is a great peace maker so use today’s special vibes to create peace at home and in your family.

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Master number

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