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Dates of my healing ritual: 29th of March and the 6th of April.

Healing ritual

I am currently working with an Intention Ritual.  Intentions and Affirmations are something I talk about with many clients but this Intention Ritual allows me to consciously help develop a specific Intention with a client.  Once the Intention is developed, I use Reiki to empower and activate the Intention within the individual.  I ask the client to continue working with the specific Intention and report the results back to me over time.  The Intention Ritual creates confidence within the client to be able to do this for themselves.  My Alignment with the Intention gives it strength.  Working together to envision a more powerful and meaning life experience creates Universal Resonance.  With our thoughts and words we create our world.

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The “intro ritual” is a quick example of this, the private reading allows for a more in depth and focused experience where we can focus on multiple intentions or can go deep into one specific intention.

Healing ritual


Dates of my healing ritual: 30th of March and the 11th of April.

My main ritual or clearing as I call it is a SOUL CLEARING. But I do many more different types of rituals too. I will detail the info about the soul clearing below.  Which I have a video presentation for on my psychic wall.  Clients are allowed to say which area they want to work on. Such as LOVE, MONEY, CAREER, BUSINESS, SPIRITUAL GIFTS, HOME NEGATIVE ENERGY CLEANSING, MENTAL/EMOTIONAL CONTROL.

Healing ritual


A Soul clearing removes negative energy blocks that are holding you back in specific areas.  You can break free and witness amazing changes in your life. It is a profound healing system that works on the level of the soul, working with spiritual law and spiritual wisdom. Soul clearing works by researching and identifying negative programming, conscious and subconscious blocks that are affecting your relationships, finances, career, business, home, health and even your current mental, emotional and spiritual state. Blocks are identified, cleared and released easily and pain free.

Benefits that current clients are enjoying from a Soul Clearing are including but not limited to:

  • Finding the perfect job and career
  • Improved finances & financial freedom
  • Relationships full of love and passion
  • Vibrant atmosphere in your home
  • Removal of all spiritual problems

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Healing ritual

In a session, I connect to your higher self/soul through my higher self/soul and we download all negative programs and clear them using my profound energy clearing abilities.  You don’t have to do anything other than take some deep breathes as programs are cleared. You will also be required to bring a glass of water with you into the session, and it is advisable to not have anything heavy duty planned for the rest of the day such as heavy lifting.  Only doing things that nurture your soul is recommended such as a relaxing evening enjoying a meal, meditating, reading etc. You are not required to do anything before your session.

During and after the clearing, clients will feel the clearing taking effect. During the session, sensations may be felt throughout the body, emotions may also come up, these range from happiness to even tears, whatever happens to you will be right for you, but it’s just a sign that the clearing is working. Everyone releases energy, programs, etc. in a different way.

In free chat, negative surface energies that are affecting your chosen area will be removed and positive ones enhanced, changes within yourself will be noticed immediately. When we feel good we attract positive things in our lives, when we feel low we attract negative things into our lives. This will give you a great head start in moving forward.

Healing ritual

In private chat all negative programs you are running will be fully removed permanently to stop them from happening again and you will be realigned and empowered to be in a position where you are actually creating the life that you want, instead of a life of suffering. You will be fast tracked into achieving a much more harmonious life.

“If a computer has a virus it cannot function properly, a soul clearing is like removing the virus making it a much more effective machine!!!”


Dates of my healing ritual: 1st and the 5th of April.

Healing ritual

I would like to offer a prosperity ritual which will aid in bringing prosperity into one’s life in the areas of work, business and finance.

How will the healing ritual look like?

For free chat, this will be a candle ritual in which all members can be involved.

In the free chat, there will be a public candle ritual which will include all members who are in the chat room.  In the private chat, this will be more individualized in that I will guide the member in the private session to create their own personal prosperity bag for the month.

Healing ritual

Individuals coming into a private session for the healing ritual will need a gold candle, small green bag (or piece of cloth), gold ribbon, a dollar coin (or the equivalent in coins), 9 small paper clips, a small magnet (the one of a small refrigerator magnet will work), and from the kitchen cabinet:  cinnamon, coffee beans (or teaspoon of ground coffee), and a bay leaf.

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