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Featured Online Psychics – DaVinciCode

Among Oranum’s featured online Psychics I am known as DaVinciCode. I invite you for a time travel between past, present and future. My paranormal powers will help you find the answer to your questions, and also the path to success, true love and purpose in life. Help will come from my ancient books that I own from my ancestors.

One of the most important book of mine is “The Book of Destiny” which will show us where the negativity in our lives come from and what we need to do to cleanse the path of our destiny from everything that is bad and negative. Knowing in time how we should shut out the Darkness, our path in this life will be lighter and more joyful.

(My readings will be accompanied by tarot cards, gypsy cards, astrology, numerology, astronomy, rituals, white magic, prayers, and healing energies)

Featured Online Psychics

I’m waiting for you in my Magic Room, you will go through a complete transformation by the time we are done, I promise!

Featured online psychics

Featured Online Psychics – Kryonadvisor

My name is Kryonadvisor. My goal is to guide you towards your dreams and desires.
I believe everybody can live a life that is satisfactory and fulfilling. In order to achieve this, you will certainly need to initiate some changes.

It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today!

Since I am an energy reader I provide you with a broader perspective on what is really going on in your energy or vibration. I will define what is needed to be done and changed in order to receive positive results. I often use the word energy, which is just another label for spiritual guides, angels, infinite intelligence, higher consciousness or whatever you call it. The very essence of it is a deep knowledge they offer to help those who are in need. It’s all about getting in sync with this higher level of frequency that everybody has access to. If you want to sharpen your senses to be one of those who are receiving – or if you already are, but got lost on your path – I will help you with that, too.

Featured Online Psychics

It’s inevitable to pay attention to your emotions, because they are telling you where you stand as opposed to where you want to be. For example if you feel a little bit down, it certainly means you are focusing on a subject in a way that will not only shut out any improvement, but will also make negative predictions and premonitions come true. This is called a negative momentum, and this makes you feel like your life is not getting forward, but is repeatedly frustrating and unfulfilled. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, which steps are required to be taken… Never for a moment should you feel there’s no hope, because you just need to find the next possible step, which will illuminate the following one and so on.

The real question is: Do you want to change your world? If the answer is YES, don’t hesitate to come and visit with me, so we can figure it out together! Just be prepared for a better understanding.

Featured online psychics

Featured Online Psychics – Preciousnicole

I am Preciousnicole. I am an Intuitive Tarot card reader, an Empath, and a Medium. My gifts came from a long line of psychics. My ancestors and spirit guides have helped me through my journey. My purpose in life is to help others by using my gifts. For years, I have given readings to family, friends, and strangers. I specialize in love, career, money and general topics. Moreover, I answer questions and listen to my clients. All in all, many were shocked how accurate I was and how I was able to point out to even the smallest details in my readings. Most importantly, my clients admired the honesty and compassion in my readings.

Featured Online Psychics

I use my intuition and abilities to assist others. In addition, I use and perceive Tarot cards as tools to guide one to their own path and inform them of the potential consequences of their actions. Furthermore, I receive visions of symbols, people, appearance, written messages, and many more. Also, I am able to connect with energies, feelings, and thoughts of others. Moreover, I am able to feel, hear, and communicate with spirits. All said and done, I love what I do and I love being a part of Oranum. After all this time, Oranum is like home to me. I can be myself, laugh, have fun, and help members deal with their issues and find awareness. Not only have I helped others, but others have helped me in return also. Oranum is a community of gifted and special people. In the end, Oranum has made me become a better reader and a better woman.

Help of the Tarot cards? Find a reader today to find your roots and path!

Ultimately, I want to change the world and make it a better place. I love people and being a service to others. At the end of the day, I want my clients happy and to reach their full potential. I am truly grateful and blessed for my gifts. I am honored to be a part of Oranum and this extraordinary world.

Featured online psychics

Featured Online Psychics – Psychicmimi

Life can often leave us confused and with more questions than answers, particularly when it comes to love and relationships. This is where I come in. Because when someone feels lost, I can help them find honest answers and genuine clarity through my readings. I use my cards along with my gift of insight and psychic vision to access information that is otherwise unseen.

As one of the featured online psychics, I am able to connect very quickly and advise you with all of your questions and give answers to any problem in life within minutes. There is no need to worry and stress, wondering how things will turn out, or wondering how to improve upon a relationship, when I can tell you quickly and give you all the necessary details to put you on the right path.

Featured Online Psychics

When it is a career or financial issue that is of concern, I can look into the past to understand the root cause and see how to eliminate the problems that keep you trapped. My readings are always insightful and provide hope for the future. I am honest in my readings, so if something is just not on the right path or aligned with your greater good, I will reveal this to you so that you can take the proper steps to leading a more fulfilling life.

For those who are interested, I can also provide guidance in spell work and spell casting. As I am knowledgeable in Wiccan, Hoodoo, and Chaos Magic, I can offer clients different options with regards to the spells that would improve their situation. Many of the spells can be conducted completely in secret with minimal tools, which assures a greater sense of privacy and discretion. By teaching clients how to conduct the right spells in the correct manner, I can help clients feel more empowered and ultimately put them in a position where they feel that they control their future and not vice versa.

Featured online psychics

When will I get married? Will I ever win the lottery? These questions and many more get answered on, but most importantly, all those questions too that are most relevant to your own life path! Get a psychic reading, a weekly horoscope and a dream interpretation as a start of the day, then get back later for a fuller dream meaning based on a dream dictionary from a psychic or a tarot card reading!

Featured online psychics giving you real insight. A Tarot card reading can get real deep and illuminating even if you haven’t heard of the power and magic of the tarot card before. Looking for a lighter or more personal experience based on your birth date and place? Get your horoscope or even your very own couple love horoscope from our astrology expertsall at!

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I love to help others. I am a genuine person which does not sugar coat. I like to connect to you and provide you the best clarity to your situation. I am honest and truthful and when connecting, I ask for the same from you so I am able to help you to the


I offer love readings that tell you what to expect and give insight about your partner and soulmate. My love readings are very in depth and to the point. I love to help and be there for people.