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An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

When you hear the phrase, the “Law of Attraction,” you may immediately think things like, “Is that what’s going on with me and my cute neighbor?” Or perhaps you’ve heard the term but have no idea what it means.

In recent years, the term “Law of Attraction” has gained widespread popularity – primarily due to multiple books and movies- but its really just age-old wisdom that previous generations have used for centuries.

A simple way to sum up the law of attraction is “like attracts like.” Our thoughts, emotions and actions all culminate in literal manifestations of the things that we experience on a daily basis.

However, without a basic understanding of its rudimentary laws, we can dangerously leave ourselves “open” to manifestations which we do not desire. For instance, if you continuously think to yourself, “I DON’T want a flat tire,” you may unconsciously emit vibrations to the Universe which signal, “I DO want a flat tire!”

Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, try to reframe the issue into a positive reference. For instance, “I am thankful that I have a car that runs great.”

Also, its important to remember that emotions are 50% of the equation. If we repeatedly tell ourselves positive affirmations, yet experience angry, sad, or fearful emotions, our emotions can become a counterbalance to our affirmations.

It’s not enough to just tell yourself an affirmation (Example: I am loved and respected by my peers); your emotions have to match.

Yes, it can sometimes seem impossible to switch from rage to joy, but we usually have a choice in how long we indulge in a particular emotion. You have to consciously “choose” positivity over negativity.

If working with the law of attraction seems too farfetched, simply think of it as a goal-setting session. Our subconscious mind always strives to reach the goals we set for ourselves. The more you consciously set your goals (or as some would say your “intentions”), the more you will begin to “attract” people, places and things which align with your thoughts.

You may be wondering, “How long will it take me to manifest something?”

Well, in theory, it takes the same amount of energy to manifest a great parking spot as it does for to manifest financial abundance or a new car. The catch is that our vibrations must “match.”

Remember, its all a work in progress. No one is perfect. As we actively work to change our thoughts, we may experience a lag time in physical manifestation.

A good analogy is to think of the Law of Attraction as taking a road trip from New York City to Los Angeles. The trip may have frustrating points, and there may be times where you want to turn the car around, but if you don’t continue the journey, you’ll never make it to California – or find out what you’re missing there.

Check back soon for my next blog post where I discuss 5 easy ways to practice the Law of Attraction!

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  1. emily rose says

    this is honest, true, and exactly what I needed to read… thank you emily 🙂

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