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Live Psychic rituals

Live Psychic Rituals – Gipsgold

My live psychic rituals will be available on the 23rd and the 30th of December. I will do chamanic rituals in order to clean you from all type of negativity including black magic, curse, bad energy, envy etc. Thanks to this ritual your aura will glow again and you will have peace in your soul.

I can promise that due to my ritual your spiritual life will improve as well as you may expect emotional development and you will become more lucky with your relationships and in general.

Live psychic ritual

I will perform my unique Tobacco’s ritual with the help of flowers, candles and mantras in order to achieve the given goals and to fix the issues in your life and clean all negativity.

Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic!

In my free chat room, I will do mantras and show you the candles I will use in the private chat while performing the Tobaccos ritual.

It is beneficial if you do not eat meat on the day of the ritual and wear white or black clothes.

Live Psychic Rituals – MysticMilena

Dates: 21th and and 27th of December.

Live psychic ritual

I will perform a ritual that makes wishes come true! In this ritual I will use the energy of fire.

To do this ritual you will need candles, matches or lighter, a sheet of paper and pen. In free chat you can write down your wish on a piece of paper and put the paper under a candle. In private chat me and you will light the candle together. I will pronounce a short magical spell and will give my energy to this wish come true. You must repeat this spell after me in order to be successful in manifesting your wish.

After the ritual will be done, you can expect your wishes come true within 1-6 months.

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My main mission is to solve the problems of my clients. I mostly like to use crystal ball in my readings. Because i feel crystal ball reading is perfect and accurate.


Helping people by being a light for them in their life as a guide, to show the way, to show that 'YOU' individually can make changes in your life, and can turn it into better, to show how 'strong You are'.