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The skills of Mediumship

mediumship skills

Mediumship skills – new realm

Questions asked by clients based on seeing ghosts & connectivity, meaning people who have maybe journeyed to a new realm, and have left their physical bodies behind. During the time my mediumship skills evolved the most common question I got asked was “How do you connect?” Someone once said, that a person who is colorblind does not have, the actual concept around seeing red and green. Colorblind people, nevertheless, believe these colors to exist & to be on the spectrum.

Even though most people can not physically see ghosts they know of them and maybe believe they exist too. This is similar to being a medium. Seeing or hearing ghosts sporadically is normal for me, it has happened, as far back as I can remember, but to others is out of the ordinary.

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Mortality was an early lesson for me, although, I never questioned, if the confusion was because of deception. Most families seemed unaware, that one or members were black, or negative.

There was always an unspoken silence, knowing the actual cause never ever gave thought to word. I watched, as information passed from one adult to another. I do not mean, I was in the same room, but spirit energy can hold me and take me, as it moves around family members before finally leaving. The sight, watching, hearing, reading and knowing.  This is my gateway my door, to the trapped and sometimes they do seek my assistance. Whether locked in and needing the right person or medium to set them free, or to just listen and watch just what happened to them.

mediumship skills

Mediumship skills – each spirit is unique

Some spirits do not leave me, but and stay, moving house is like being the pied piper, as a trail of golden energy follows like a parade. Each one individual like baby spiders, they cling in a ball of joy, but one tap from negative energy and they disperse and hide. It is a golden web, they wish to stay in and I rarely glimpse it, unless something major in my life is about to change. Those that stay are good or working on being so. Spirits that belong to other people are of course different again.

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Each spirit is unique and very complex, some can be seen, others are spooky or vile. Some are aggressive and tap in to the physical realm, giving nothing but fear. Smudging myself and my property is necessary, if I have talked through more than two new spirits a week belonging to clients, not all are good clean and bright. They can become like heavy energy and take over positivity. There have been many examples through my years, many types some some bring disgusting smells or light pretty fragrances, there many shades of grey and of course black. The unseen colors, that only the psychic eye can see. The lighter side is glorious gold patches, majestic blues,  silver stars, warm oranges and happy pinks. These are beautiful omens or messages, that bring joy into a house.

mediumship skills

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