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Featured psychic online – Zeus1976

I am Zeus, the Spirit’s whisperer… Aged 40 and been a Psychic since the early age of 14… North African of origin, a Berber descendant, living in the UK. Speak 4 languages and have traveled extensively to understand my gift and find my path. I am not your typical featured psychic online you may say, very straight forward readings and direct answers is what I praise myself on!

I connect directly to my clients and find the true root of their problems, empowering them to find the right solutions / actions in order to restore balance and bliss in their lives. My abilities are unique and quite humbling so, please, be prepared to be taken to another dimension when in a private reading with me! I can guarantee all the results of my work no matter how tough the situation is; very high accuracy and time frames are always spot on! I do also many ceremonies and rituals to alleviate any stress, black magic or blockages!

Featured psychic online

I am an excellent listener and will never say never to any kind of challenge faced by my clients. I provide spells and white magic to those in need of such work (depending on the intended result, I would agree or not to do this)

I am a specialist of relationships, present and passed! Financial and career advices are also on the menu, very accurate when asked about promotions and changes time frames! Contacting loved ones and messages relaying! Channeling (talking directly to those you want to ask the questions to). Tarot’s reader with excellent translation of cards movements in your draw! (Tarots de Marseille). Numerology with excellent records of matchmaking and future events. Palm readings, coffee cups reading! Healing and protection rituals offered!

Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading! 

I pride myself on the amount of people I helped during my psychic years, now with, I have the opportunity to reach out to many more around the world, do not miss out whatever you do!

May you stay blessed and protected, Zeus

featured psychic online

Featured psychic online – MysticMilena

I’m Milena. I’m clairvoyant and skilled tarot reader.  My mission is to help people to make their life happier and easier.  I have more than 10 years practice as a featured psychic online. I have very strong intuition and  magical abilities.  I have a high sensitivity of the spiritual world. When I do reading  I send the questions to spirits and my assistants in spiritual world provide me with truth and clear answers. In my reading I use the Tarot deck. In my magic rituals I use forces of nature: fire, water, wood, earth.

Featured psychic online

I discovered my magic abilities in my youth. I began to see prophetic dreams that came true. So I understand that I can contact with spiritual world and angels. I started talking with spirits and find assistants and protectors in spiritual world. They give me vision how to solve the problems  or what will happen in the future.  And once they told me than I must use my magic to help people. So I began to developed my skills, did magic rituals and meditation. And when I feel powerful enough I began to help people.

I can help you to see the real reason why things happen in your life. Predict the future, give you an answer about any situation in your life: love, relations, job, money, career, business, partners, real property, relocation. I can give you advice from the spirits what decision is better for you, which way to go. It can helps you to avoid problems, fatal mistakes and see opportunities coming in your life.

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I can tell you about other people, what do they really think about you and what are their intentions. I can see is there any spell or witchcraft on you and also save you from negative magic impact. I can teach you how to protect yourself from bad energy. I can do BirthDate analysis  and compose a horoscope for you.

I practice unique yoga for fingers called “Mudra”. This system  helps me to attract love, success, money and happiness in my life. I can teach toy this unique technique. And you will see how soon your life will change for the better. When I feel emptiness and tiredness I go to forest and recover my power from Universe. I can teach you how to stay strong and full of life using the forces of nature.

featured psychic online

Featured psychic online – MonikaCards

We are unique in our way, each and every one of us having different believes and convictions. In order for me to read what the cards unfold in front of me, I need to connect 100% with the person I am reading to, to understand his/her desires, his/her wishes, and the most important, to understand the questions to which he/she want to have an answer, so I can find the better answer that the cards unfold.

The answers that I give must be very well explained so he/she won’t understand wrongly the information that I give. And if he/she consulted the cards for a decision, that decision must be entirely assumed and not taken as a consequence of the interpretation of the cards.

Featured psychic online

In a nutshell, the cards could confirm or show a situation, could give some of the answers, could show some aspects that he/she didn’t know until that moment and with such information, he/she could envisage what the next steps could be.

Many people could have many problems, or could be too closed in order to see a solution to their problems, or he/she could be too much emotional involved in that situation. In such circumstances, some of them turn to a psychic (cards reader) to search for some guidance. That guidance might offer some possible solutions could be given based on the meaning of the cards and so, could help him/she to see another aspect of the problem, to understand different layers that he/she wouldn’t have seen otherwise. In this manner he/she could be a step closer to a clarification that he/she is looking for.

Focus on a question that is important to you and get your answer from a certified tarot reader on!

As a featured psychic online, my role is to give the most accurate interpretation of the cards that unfold in front of me and, if this is requested, to give a possible advice. In most of the cases, my opinion is requested. Why? Because most of them are emotional involved or tensed with regards to their personal issue and in search for an answer outside, from somebody that could give them an objective opinion or from someone with whom there is a connection. And this means TRUST, even though such psychic is not family of friend.

I enjoy every time when a person comes back and tells me that everything I told them is being confirmed or that the situation has been solved. When they thank me for my support I have an inner satisfaction that my gift helped him/she to overcome her/his personal situation or that I could bring a smile on his/her face.

featured psychic online

The sixth sense of a psychic is a gift you should use for your own good! On, you will get a featured psychic online reading, a free tarot reading or a dream interpretation, whichever tells you the most of your current situation! Did you know that a dream dictionary can actually give you a dream meaning you’ve always been interested in? Or the fact that a tarot card reader can provide a tarot card reading to gain insight into your obstacles and make them go away?

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Helping people to enhance the quality of their life and happiness.I love to use my psychic abilities and my enlightenment training to give people the knowledge they need to bring peace of mind and calmness to their anxieties. At the end of a private readi