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Oranum has always been checking Psychics’ overall online activity and we have decided to launch a series highlighting the best experts on a weekly basis. Meet the top online Psychic, Crystalpowers! This is Oranum’s choice!

Top Online Psychic – Crystalpowers

As a third generation intuitive, the path to helping others with their deepest wishes and concerns became apparent at age 5, as I found myself learning to shuffle playing cards on the front porch step, I had an affinity for them. Little did I know, it was this same year I would lose my dear Grandpa, a Clairvoyant and Hypnotist who operated his own Spiritual Practice – Edgar Cayce style. Years later, during my early twenties, I was introduced to remaining family of Mr. Cayce, who were all very lovely and provided the opportunity for me to revel for a moment on his infamous studio couch, where all of his “in person”readings took place, as well as review his family epilogue and the exhaustive vault of paper files packed with all of his written channelling’s, which I found light years beyond fascinating, to say the least. And what a gift this has provided, through osmosis.

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Meeting this wonderful family cast light on how Grandpa’s passing rocketed me into recognizing my connection with angels, guides and the infinite universe, which was more than special. I just didn’t have the ability to acknowledge or understand how valuable this gift truly was at the ripe old age of 5.

By age 7, the realization that I was a pretty good kid was blatantly obvious, though by now I was greatly disillusioned by the observation that my mother’s negative dysfunctional nature at the time, as well as that of the majority of the adults around me did not lend well to my own positive spiritual path. I now found I was forced to grow up, and quick, “Go along to get along” was my only option. The next outlet for a support system?…to put my etheric connections to the test. I then began learning Tarot and intuiting for others, after all my mom was an intuitive with many gifts, including Fortune Telling with Tarot and playing cards. As a result I found a well of support and inspiration from these ingenious, ages proven, little gems one card at a time.

online psychic

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Since these beginnings I have also fallen in love with the enchanting Lenormand deck, which offer anywhere from 36 to 47 cards. These were birthed in the mid 1800’s in Europe and were made famous by the great Mademoiselle, the very shrewd and prolific seer in London, who consulted for many prominent Dignitaries and commonfolk of the day, through the early 1900’s. Lenormand provide a more transparent simplistic interpretation of events and circumstances for you and are a very quick read in comparison to the Tarot. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing, especially those late night sleep overs with friends, giving readings and looking into their puppy loves of the day.

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This had a huge impact as I was learning and sharpening my skills. As an intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, my forte’ has been centered around “The Human Condition”, relationships of any kind, Past Lives, Dream Interpretation and Contact with lost loved ones and Pets. With over thirty five years of experience it is my pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you, on behalf of Oranum. You will find I provide very concise, clear answer’s to your question’s about “relationships”, love, marriage, family, career, job, friends and those who have departed. Confidentiality and Non-judgment is my highest priority. When you find a confidant, you fully Trust, all will be well – no matter what!

Let’s take a peek into your purpose, love’s and condition’s, that are paving your path to fulfillment. It is my intention and sincere pleasure to support you on this road toward enrichment and prosperity, we all share, as I have joyfully continued to do all of these years. Wishing you all the Best your bountiful life has to offer, on this precious journey to spiritual to Enlightenment.

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