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Online Psychic Ritual – Allastorsreading:

online psychic ritual
Candle Therapy Ritual

Online psychic ritual dates: 22nd and the 29th of June

I am going to offer a candle therapy ritual on those dates. This ritual will be a light, guide and source of healing to the people that most need its divinity. This type of ritual places a light or source of energy into the hearts of the people who I have linked them to. This light of energy will provide comfort, healing, a sense of peace, and a clear mind while it works through their energy to uplift the burdens that have been placed on them.

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The ritual will be visible on camera and members can see it working their energy simply by watching the flame dancing to their inner energy. Members that are in private chat will get a deeper connection to this light which will ultimately allow them and the candle ritual to work more heavily for them. For the intro, I will allow members to be on one of my demo candles so that they can get a sample of what is going on, as opposed to in private chat getting a candle that is specifically dedicated to them.

online psychic ritual

Online Psychic Ritual – GoldieG:

online psychic ritual
Crystal rituals

Online psychic ritual dates: 21st and the 28th of June

I will do 2 crystal rituals. One on 6/21, and one on 6/28, both at 3 pm, both Wednesdays. The ritual is to attract love, whether it be to attract more love into an existing relationship, or bring a non existing relationship.

1) This is good for attracting love, or increasing love in an existing relationship.

2) This will improve members’ love existing or non existing relationships.

3) Visually, the member will see me with a rose quartz crystals, and a lit candle. I will ask the member a question, depending on whether they are in a relationship or not, or if they are looking for a new relationship.

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online psychic ritual

4) What will be free for the member will be; the question I ask them, and a possible physical description of their love interest existing, or non existing.

5) What will be extra and revealed in private is; a tarot card reading giving details about existing, or non existing relationships.

Online Psychic Ritual – Shawnpsychic:

online psychic ritual
Singing Bowl Ritual

Online psychic ritual dates: 23rd and the 4th of July

My ritual information sentences are as follows:

A Singing Bowl Ritual can be an amazing spiritual experience! Using the ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls to liberate the soul and cleanse the body of negative energy. This ritual can be beneficial to your life by allowing the power of sound to heal, cleanse or even align your body back to its natural rhythm. Sound healing is limitless and facilitates an organic therapeutic energy flow that can heal both your mind, body and soul! Our ritual today includes a Chakra Cleansing, removing unwanted vibrations from your Solar Plexus, creating well-being and balance. Join with me and experience the benefits of sound healing!

online psychic ritual

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