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psychic abilities

Psychic abilities – a third generation psychic

I am commonly known as Morrdor and I was born in the year of the fire-horse, under a Scorpio moon, a life path doomed or tainted with darkness. I am a third generation psychic and grew up listening to the tales of my Grandmother and her wonderful gift and psychic abilities. And even now she will make me aware if something is stolen or if something needs my attention.

I was aware all my life that there are two worlds, ever since I can remember. I have always been able to hear what the spirit meant to tell me or have been spoken to by the spirit. The mind reading parlor games with my older siblings, in preschool years also helped with a strengthened spiritual muscle, as I learned to guess colors held within in the mind of my opponent. Being able to read my father’s actions, or more to the point, when he would return home from sea, I always predicted correctly, even the exact day and hour. This would induce an inherent fear of God in some of my family members, but eventually when I was 9 years old, they would grow to trust my predictions.

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I always saw life force come in and pick up people, as they passed away and left the mortal coil, but did not comprehend the darker side, something I was only witnessing. The ability of being a Seer or watching and knowing instantly that someone’s death had taken place was equated with a peculiar sense of loneliness and a bothersome secret I could not share with anyone.

I felt like a toddler, with no vocabulary to express the sensation of seeing or sensing this wide, blue, white path of strange light arrive and disappear. Sometimes I saw a large, cigar-shaped black object hovering around outside of buildings representing souls not wanting to leave this form of life or this planet as we know it, clinging to a person or situation, even to children. The darker side to being a Seer would be revealed to me later through my studies.

Psychic abilities

Psychic abilities – your own conclusion

It seems that this force, whatever it was, would let my gift and knowledge develop at its own pace. I was left to form my own opinion of all psychic things and had to come to my own conclusions. My psychic abilities grew as the years passed and eventually, there were only two similarities left shared between all the spirits I had ever encountered, they were all unable to leave the mortal coil and they could all communicate with me as they were visible to me. I could acutely sense souls of people who died peacefully, surrounded by their families, or without pain and stress, who passed to the next level with ease and merely say goodbye as they leave.

Those who have been wronged in some horrific or tragic way that caused their death eventually, seemed to be unable to leave. They seemed to be caught in a loop waiting for someone to see them and be able to simply share what happened to them with anyone who would see and listen to them. They didn’t come from our own times exclusively, wayward spirits even from Roman and Egyptian times crossed my path. All spirits were eager to either show me their last days or few hours that caused them to remain trapped on the mortal coil. These scenes were never happy, only tales of woe, deception, heartbreak, mystery and pain. As I grew older, the amount of the stories they shared with me grew and sometimes it was hard for me to tell if the person speaking to me was actually dead, because the images appearing to me were so incredibly clear.

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It would only be later that these stories were shared with me in my dreams or appeared as clips in my mind of the tragic and sometimes horrific scenes that ended their time on planet Earth – or that is what most mortals believed. These were the closest I got to this unbearable sensation when they shared what the actual passing feels like; and I assure you, none of these are for the faint hearted. Suddenly I was left alone with my psychic abilities, but now knowing what it feels like to be drowned for example and it left me quaking and shivering with fear and dread. I could not shake this feeling as others’ pain channeled through my own psyche and body so immensely. Their lives had concluded and in a rather horrible and painful manner. Watching footage of a large passenger sea vessel disaster on the news the next morning left me feeling cold and shaken, knowing the ship has gone forever and so was its crew.

Psychic abilities

Psychic abilities – instant visions

I do have many actualities of this nature, as most good Seers know the pain is real and physical. There are many twists to my gift, but if something strange has happened on the mainland or to someone’s property; I will pick up on it instantly. There is a lot of persecution involved in having a sixth sense or a gift of knowledge and the taboo surrounding it is still not dead. Some people are so afraid to share their experiences of the unknown, they rather choose to remain silent.

Seeing a ghost is something nobody believes unless they have actually seen one themselves. Admitting and actually coming forward with the confession with the ability of seeing ghosts and believing in the sixth sense is a whole different ball game. So, if you need someone who has seen the darker side of spirituality, or maybe you sense your own psychic gift is developing, I am here to shed light on your experience, dismiss the taboo and superstition and help your gift grow too!

Psychic abilities

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