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Psychic rituals online – dates: 2nd and 9th of August

Lughnassh is a harvest ritual. It is the first of the harvest rituals, giving thanks for the bounty we have received.

psychic rituals online

Lughnasadh/Lammas is first day of the harvest. In some places it is considered to be first day of fall.  This ritual gives thanks for the bounties we have received thus far. The seasons have begun to change once again. The wheel is ever turning. This is also a time of sacrifice, we give the first fruits of the season to give thanks, and ensure continued harvest.

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In ancient Ireland, crops were used as payment for tenant farmers.

This is one of the 4 great fire festivals of old. Time to celebrate the harvest they have, baking, cooking and family gatherings were NOT uncommon. Perhaps this is where the tradition came from that folks want to bbq, in summer. It is also tradition to light a bonfire, to help bolster the suns life giving powers. As the season is now in the waning half of the year, we will get darker until Yule.

Handfastings (marriages) and feasts were common during this time. The King (The Gods) were also giving a feast, as a wake, as celebration of his life, and his sacrifice for the harvest.

For the Ritual:

I will be calling in quarters, giving thanks for the harvest. I will be taking requests for healings and any energy work that folks would like to have done. Raising evergy, and sending it out to all who need. I will also do cakes and ale, for the Deities. Once that is done, I will close quarters and dismiss circle.

Psychic rituals online

Psychic rituals online – AngelofDeLight

psychic rituals online

Psychic rituals online – dates: 8th and 13th of August 

I’m going to present my “Heart Garden Meditation and Ritual” ~ Using Your Inner Sacred Space for Peace and for Creating the Life You Want!

The Heart Garden Meditation Ritual ~

Using your inner sacred space for peace and deliberately creating the life you want!

This Ritual is great to use daily and when you have something specific you’d like to work on. It helps eliminate stress, improve health and general well-being and staying in touch with your Divine Light Magic.

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This is a ritual that you can use in many different ways and for multiple purposes.

In Free Chat, I will discuss the basic elements and show how to use it quickly as a way of “checking in” and de-stressing.

In private I will call on your Divine Guidance and take you through a full meditation. You will then have this beautiful tool to take with you and use for the rest of your life!

No preparation is needed…just show up, take a deep breathe and relax!

Psychic rituals online

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