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Effective psychic rituals

Effective Psychic Rituals – Bernadett81:

Dates of the rituals: October 12th and 19th. When the person you long for does not reciprocate the feeling, it’s truly an agonizing heartache, possibly the most painful emotion you have ever experienced. It is true that we cannot force someone to love us, but it is also true that real love is hidden under false layers like looks and other material things. Spells and effective psychic rituals can help break this layer of falsehood and whoever you target will be mesmerized and amazed by you.

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The White Magic Love Spell is modeled in such a way that it can make someone fall in love in a way they have never before. It can be cast on anyone –someone you have just met or on someone you have been longing for since a long time. This love spell actually helps in creating a warm, happy relationship based on true and unconditional love, making it everlasting.

effective psychic rituals

Bernadette’s White Magic Love Spells

The intro ritual gives you a taste of the ritual, shows you the possible results you can achieve with me, and introduces the tools I use in Private.

Tools I use in private: One red candle and one white candle, and slips of paper with the name of the people asking for the ritual.

How the ritual is done: light both candles and write the name of the two people on two papers.

Put the papers under the candles while they burn and visualize the two people in love living in happiness. Say a prayer to God and ask his help to bond the two people together. Burn the papers with the names on it.

effective psychic rituals

How to prepare for my rituals? Don’t cross your legs and arms while I work on you as it stops the energy flowing. Have hope and faith in God.

Effective Psychic Rituals – Mysticlotuss:

I choose the 11th and the 18th of October.

effective psychic rituals

I will teach a ritual for protection and cleansing. This ritual is excellent because its components are easy to find and it’s a very effective ritual. It will improve someone’s life in general if they break all the negative energy surrounding them. Everything will flow better. The ritual is going to be easy, fast, with common items!

During Free Chat I will teach you the intro and what the ritual can help you with, alongside some components I will give all the details, like when and how to make it happen in Private Chat.

effective psychic rituals

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