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I am a spiritual coach, medium and psychic. I work closely with spirit guides, angels and energy. I am proficient in using tarot and oracle cards, crystals and pendulums. I channel messages from deceased loved ones. I provide accurate and insightful readings on the past, present and future. I am a love life expert reader, with vast knowledge on the areas of soulmates, twin flames, marriage, divorce and reconciliation.

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I provide compassionate readings, with clarity and detail. I channel the higher power and the divine consciousness giving you an accuracy like you’ve never had before. Another special area of my expertise is career and finances. I also have a rare gift called preconception communication. This is when I tune into your aura and see if there is a spirit baby orb. If I see one I telepathically connect into it and provide the conception date, birth date, eye color, birth weight, personality and more.

spiritual coach

MysticMaddia – spiritual coach – only the truth

When entering the private consultation with me I ask for your first name and birthday to form a connection. If I feel your energy is nervous and tense I ask you to take some deep breaths to relax. I do not sugarcoat my readings and I tell my clients what they need to hear which may not necessarily be what they want to hear. I also suggest you have a notebook and pen to write down what I tell you so you can refer back to it at a later date. Most of my predictions do come true and I pride myself on having a 98 percent accuracy rate.

I was the only psychic chosen to represent the MIND BODY SOUL exhibition in October 2016 by Oranum. I enjoyed this as I was able to do face to face readings and meet some of my fans in London.

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Other areas I can help you with are lost items, family matters, court cases, housing, travel, relocation and healing. As a spiritual coach not only is a reading with me informative but also practical because I suggest ways for you to live in a more harmonious way that fit your life purpose. Prepare to be amazed by having a scarily accurate reading with Mystic Maddia, a world renowned professional psychic.

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spiritual coach

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I like to help people in need, to support them, wipe them tears to give them hope, to lift them down when they are upset and thoughtful. If you think you need a shoulder to weep and that will certainly help, I'm here you're welcome in to my magic room


My work , I have a passion for what I do. I have been studying this for over thirty years. I just love connecting to your angels & giving you the messages that they have for you! Its such a blessing! I am so grateful! I also study astrology & energy heali


Tarot readings with Astrological background will help you to identify your relationship patterns. Thus you can attract more suitable partners and improve your love life. You 'll be able to handle better your existing partner, too. Such readings are also