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Spiritual Rituals – TishTarot

Date of my spiritual rituals online: 17th of June
Spiritual Rituals

My spiritual rituals include the use of candle magic and guided meditation, in order to sever toxic bonds formed in abusive relationships. The ritual consists of burning a candle for 7 Days, dressed with an uncrossing oil and crushed sage to allow for healing and cleansing of the toxic bonds.

The purpose of the ritual is to assist a client in recognizing the bond, moving on from the bond, transmuting the attachment, raising their vibrations and moving on to a fully actualized and enlightened life.

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Spiritual Rituals – LucidVision1

Date of my spiritual rituals online: 9th and 16th of June
Spiritual Rituals

There are two rituals that I perform. This is with the power of Elder Futhark Runes. The first ritual I perform is a bind rune consultation and creation, which is beneficial to the individuals’ need to promote the energy into the universe for what they desire in their life.  The second ritual I offer is a cleansing ritual and this is done with the cleansing talisman.  By slowly moving the cleansing talisman up the body or up the screen, I draw in the negative energies and disperse of it into the universe to promote positive healing.  What I will be offering on these two dates is the cleansing ritual with the talisman and during that event I will also go over how the runes benefit us and how they are used in a ritualistic manner.

The good thing about this ritual is that it will remove most of the negative energy from your spirit or body, this will make you feel lighter and more free. You will also experience less burdens, reduced negativity, promotes positive energy to be drawn to the individual.

The ritual is very simple and involves the movement of the talisman up the screen and during this process I am picturing the body from foot to head and out.  The talisman will draw in the negative energy from all individuals and will be dispersed into the universe at the end of each stroke.

Spiritual Rituals

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What is free during the intro?  You get three strokes up the screen to remove negative energy.  Some individuals will need more work than just three runs up the screen.  If you would need more work done it can be done in private at any given time, as well as tailored bind runes can be made to suit your situation in private.

No preparation is required for this ritual, just show up and accept the gift of removing the negative energies!

Spiritual Rituals – Aladiah

Date of my spiritual rituals online: 8th and 19th of June
spiritual rituals

Healing angel ritual:

There will be a free praying introduction on free chat of the consagration to the angels , the ritual will be split in two half, one to free chat other to private where people will repeat with me.They will be under juremment.

They need glass of water, sea salt, incense, for the ritual and fasting on that day but not a demand and little candles.

Dates and hours will be given to repeat this ritual 5 times per year as well and best hours to do it.

Spiritual Rituals

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