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Top psychic reader – UKpsychicMalcolm

I am a professional, full time, British-born top Psychic reader with skills as a Medium/Clairvoyant/Healer/Life Style Coach/Mindfulness Coach/Meditation Coach. I have over 30 years’ experience, and 20 years’ plus experience working online. I have also been working together with Oranum for 7 years now, as part of their team of Experts/Readers!

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I have been working with the Spiritual world for what seems like forever. Feel free to take a look at my Testimonials if you would like to know what my clients say about me on Oranum.

I am sure you have probably visited many similar Readers, or maybe you are new to the whole Spiritual world and this is your first time in the search for that special guidance – the one that makes you think “how does he know that”. I am and always will be very open and, with the aid of Spirit, will help guide you through all aspects of your life’s journey. This I do with Honesty, Accuracy and Confidentiality.

top psychic reader

Top Psychic reader – reveal your path

So if you do decide to take the plunge and have a One to One Private Reading with me today on Oranum, I will not only reveal your path, but also guide you on the next steps & the Journey you need to make for the fuller and happier life you have always wanted.

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My readings cover subjects as diverse as your Career, Relationships, Business, Love and Home. It does not matter how trivial you may think your question is, let’s get together to get the Answers & Guidance you’ve been seeking. You only have one life so let my Guides and I help you to make the best of yours today – as the saying goes “Life is not a rehearsal”.

I promise to give you a reading in my own unique fashion and you will discover ‘Like it or Not’ is outstandingly accurate.

Top psychic reader

Love & Light

The sixth sense of a top psychic expert is a gift you should use for your own good! On, you will get a free psychic reading, a free tarot reading or a dream interpretation, whichever tells you the most of your current situation! Did you know that a dream dictionary can actually give you a dream meaning you’ve always been interested in? Or the fact that a tarot card reader can provide a tarot card reading to gain insight into your obstacles and make them go away?

Find an experienced psychic for a psychic reading or rely on your sun sign and birthdate for a horoscope! Do you prefer a daily horoscope or a longer lasting love horoscope to make your day? It’s all up to you on Oranum!

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I read on all topics including love, career, money, spirituality, past lives, spirit communication. I also offer tarot, runes, Reiki healing, psychic diagnosis, remote viewing, and spellwork. With over 30 years experience, I can help you achieve your goal


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