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Psychic ritual – Angelatesh

Date of my rituals online: May 27th and June 3rd.

Hello, I am Angel Atesh, natural born psychic, and I specialize in healing here on Oranum. I do massive amounts of psychic ritual and energy work for my clients on the inner and outer chakras of the body, removing blockages and karmic residue and pulling out negative energy which then leaves the client feeling balanced, relaxed and allowing positive energy to flow freely through the body. I also help clients with injury and illness.

Psychic ritual

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Through deep meditation I am able to call my higher self down to the clients location, anywhere in the world, and work on their bodies and ailments. I have had beautiful results and this healing process is done through God, using God’s energy and me as the vessel to give my clients lasting results. I have an extremely close connection with God and all my healing is customized and catered to each client’s specific needs. Because of this connection I am the only psychic that is able to heal this way and with this intense amount of positive energy.

Psychic ritual

I have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body which is a huge benefit for my clients. Services range from pain relief, aid in weight loss by working on the metabolism and the endocrine system, helping insomniacs sleep again, clearing cluttered minds and calming anxiety, relieving depression, entering the minds of lovers and uniting their spirits together by bringing them love that lasts. Nearly any service can be performed through this healing! I can make a connection and give healing samples during free chat although for full healing and benefits, clients should come private. Come join me today and get your mind, body and spirit up and running so you can have the positive attitude you always wanted! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Psychic ritual

Psychic ritual – Lidijalagrini

Date of my rituals online: May 26th and June 2nd.

Psychic ritual

Dream interpretation ritual:

The first part is done in free chat and the second part during a private session. This ritual is good for the members because it will help them understand messages from their dreams. A lot of important premonitions and big scientific discoveries were initiated in dreams. Listen to what your dream tells you.

What will the ritual look like?

The member will send me a dream in writing in free chat. I will start a dream interpretation in free chat, but only unfold, finish it up, draw final conclusions and share the most important messages in private chat.

Members will only need to prepare with dreams they want to tell me (it has to be recent one). Think about the details, and think about the feelings you had while you were dreaming.

Psychic ritual

Psychic ritual – Eventrue

Date of my rituals online: May 31st and June 1st.

Psychic ritual

My intro ritual shows how I choose the particular ingredients or supplies of the candle ritual. I build a crystal grid surrounding a candle to accomplish the specific goal of the ritual. So during the free chat, I would show different examples of goals such as healing, prosperity, business, career, education, romance, friendship, and so on.

Psychic ritual

Following is five (or so) sentences on why people should have a crystal grid ritual with me:

Crystal Grid candle rituals can accomplish goals in many life areas including, but certainly not limited to, Finance, Business and Career – Romance, Friendship and Love – Education, Studying and Examinations – Health, Fertility and Luck – Power, Luck and Ambition – and anything else imaginable. These rituals work almost instantly and the client is provided instructions for the next steps and on how to keep going towards their goals. The client would not need to prepare for the ritual but would be required to do the follow-up work.

Psychic ritual

Psychic ritual – 1Cwisdom4U

Date of my rituals online: May 25th

Psychic ritual

Manifesting ritual.

It will improve Members’ lives beyond their imagination. It will allow members to know that anything their heart desires is available by simply asking for it.

This will look and feel like a positive flow of energy through using the Law of Attraction.  Items to bring: parchment paper or brown paper bag, bowl of water, dish towels they use for cooking, a lighter, oils of their choice for manifesting.

For even better results it is advised for Members to meditate and do a cleansing to purify all energies with and around their space prior to the ritual.

Psychic ritual

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