2018: The Year of Your Superpower in Action!


Superpower – Time

What would you do if you had a bank account in which every morning you receive 86.400 dollars? And every night it would be canceled, no matter if you used all the money or didn’t?  Wouldn’t you spend all every day until the last the last penny? Well, you have already a similar account, it is called TIME. That is one of your superpower. Every day you are credited 86.400 seconds and at midnight it is canceled. You cannot go in red, you cannot accumulate time for the day after and you cannot ask for advances or loans.

Now, new year is about to start with more than 31000000 seconds! How do you want to invest your time? Do you already know what you want to do and what you want to experience in the next year?

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Yes my friend, okay with that first general answer, but let’s be more specific, what do you want to experience exactly? Now you are thinking about who can make you happy or what can make you happy right? You are thinking about some gesture of your beloved or to find a job or to find love, but there is a mistake in this thought, which leaves you away just from happiness!

When you delegate external factors to make you happy or you want that everything and everyone should put you as first priority as you put them, well, there is a big risk in such attitude because people change, they get  older, change habits, clothes, maybe they decide to dye their hair in green, make a tattoo etc. Nature is always in continuous movement and change! Fixing your happiness in something static just puts you at risk of unhappiness! Days are going one after another, you arrive at the end of the day and you just realize that you didn’t have time to make what you thought, 8-9 hours at work, 6-8 hours of sleep (hopefully)  and the rest?

You probably spent many hours on social media to other people’s life window, to watch photos, videos and to build assumption or you used your time without doing things that really trigger your genuine sense of satisfaction, that makes you feel complete with yourself.


I’m also a big fan of watching videos of kitten or people who make weird things, it is raising our vibration to smile, however when the input it is external that gives an aleatory sensation of happiness. It is not you that made something for what you could be happy and satisfied with yourself you didn’t leave a track.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch kitten videos, but it is important to make that fit into a core of activity that you do daily towards your happiness and to have a proper balance in it as in everything.

I read an analysis of the time that we waste everyday distracted by external things that don’t give us back anything consistent and it is like 2 hours every day.

8-9 hours of work 6-7 hours of sleep and those other two in which we are passive, it is 18, and the rest? I read also that we waste daily 2 hours in the traffic jam, going to a supermarket, cooking, still routine, and we arrive at 20. And most probably in the other hours you just spend time into your mind still passive. And you don’t have 10 minutes to read this article that gives you insight and positive inputs instead of the usual routine that we know exactly where is leading you.

Superpower – priority

You have the choice, I will give you some Gift today: so many times we complain that we do not have time to read to train to grow even though it’s not a matter of time, but of priority. How can you pretend to be comfortable with yourself if you are the last on your list? How do you feel when you are NOT the Priority of someone you care about? BAD.

This is how feels the little kid inside you when you waste your day on everything but making you happy WITH ACTION! I can assure you that as long as you, your happiness, your serenity, your health is NOT the priority, your life will continue to live in a tiring sequence of the usual routine. It is not the job that I want that can make me happy, it is the passion I put into action to achieve that job that I want that makes me happy. It is not the smile of my nephew that makes me happy, but the passion that I put to make them happy and sharing time with them.

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Happiness is love and action, doing things in a way that makes you satisfied and this trigger a need to share this happiness and this need is doubling the happiness itself. You don’t need that job that person to refill the emptiness of love, that is an act of ego not of love and put you a risk!

If you start before to find the way, the key that makes you really happy? Which is the passport pour le bonheur?

Don’t begin your path to happiness putting as condition to find love, to find your soulmate or a person that makes you happy, to find a job. I mean I’m not saying that you don’t have to find a job or the love of your life, start first of all from the state of being happy, cause if you are happy maybe you find earlier a job, happiness is not the finish line. It’s not a state of being drunk and sing loudly in the street!


Happiness means a positive mood, where your brain is working better, where you breath better, where you have more fresh oxygen in your lungs, where your posture is better, where you are in the best physical and mental condition possible, and when you are in this mood, for sure you communicate better who you are to yourself and to everything and everyone around you and for sure the outcome puts you closer to great and amazing goals in your life!

What was the sensation when you were happy? How did you communicate? How did you share the time with the others? How did you perceive all the situation? How could you find the solution?

Think about it! Think about how did you feel, and in that moment when you connect to that mood, you can easily understand that being happy it is not the finishing line but the starting line and when you find happiness inside you, you are more happy than if you find with external sources, because it means that you are in control of your happiness, that you can recreate each time when you want and you are not at risk anymore of all the changes in social, economical, emotional, environmental level that happens every day.

And when you share that extraordinary happiness inside you that doesn’t begin from a need but it is unconditional, you double actually your happiness and your influence on your energy, people, situation and events around you.

When you seek love and you think you can pay for love being more affectionate or more appealing and if you don’t have this you think: “I can’t live without him.”

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When you are in this mood you are disconnecting yourself from being happy and there is your soul telling you “Hey what about me? Don’t you think about me?” and all your organs wake up and say “and me? What about us?” We help you every day while you eat junk food every day, we always create the homeostasis and we create the balance to help you not to go into acidosis? We breathe every day without stopping?” When you are in that wrong mood you disconnect yourself from what really makes you be alive.

How can you say I can’t live anymore without that person? That person is an external factor, you cant live without you, and this is not ego. Ego says  “I can’t live without him”, because you force someone to put yourself as the priority, and you ask someone else to disconnect from themselves.

Time never stops. How many seconds passed already since you began to read this article? It is not midnight yet when the day is over. How would you spend the remaining seconds you have today? And for 2018?

I have an idea!


Superpower – Smile

Every day you have the possibility to make yourself happy. You have the possibility to learn something, to know yourself better, to help yourself and love yourself better. In every second you can give a smile to yourself a little action that is like a broomstick.

Remember that life is a wiffle and it is up to you to turn it in a breeze!

When I was young I always wanted to be a superhero, and help people to be happy and I knew I needed the superpower to make my dream come true! We all know that smiling makes us feel better, but few people take it into consideration when they are under stress, disappointed, angry or bored… Take my hand now and learn and become more aware of using that free tool you have every day right under your nose!

A genuine smile is a superpower as it can stimulate our brain and our state of being more than chocolate or holding a lot of money! Smiling it is not just the result of an emotion, but it could be easily the cause! A smile can help you to live healthier, reduces the level of stress hormones such as cortisol and dopamine, It increases the level of mood hormone such as endorphin and reduce the overall blood pressure!

And it is not all, the smile can help you to look good in the eyes of the others, which doesn’t mean that you look just courteous but also more competent! Facilitate discussion, communication, sharing of experience!

Superpower in action

Actively fulfilling myself of acts of love and smiling has an outcome that we smile more often… you know who are the human beings that have superpower indeed?



They smile around 400 times per day. An adult in average around 5 times per day, how many time you smiled today? What made you smile? It was perhaps thinking about something?? Doing something?

You probably know bees, the little insects that produce honey. They have very small wings compared to the body which is almost unnatural that actually they can fly!!! In the history raised a lot of legends on this topic, “Bees can fly because they don’t know that they cannot fly”

In this legend, there is an amazing meaning, but it is not the truth, the truth actually is even more amazing… They can fly because they move their wings something like 250 times per second and they create a vortex below them and they actually literally fly on this vortex!!!

Your scope is not to count your smile but to double your smiling and the action of love towards yourself so that you create the vortex on which you will fly, every day, and the good news is that all the good intention you put for 2018 have still a lot of opportunities to start to plant the good seeds right now!! Whenever you want to look great, look competent, reduce the stress or improve your relationship, or you want to have a superpower that will help you and everyone around you, live longer, healthier, happy life:

Smile!! 🙂

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish!”

(Mother Teresa)

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