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How to Care For and Use Your Crystals

Written By: Dr. Nikki

These days, it seems like everyone is going wild over crystals. Their power and special meanings are nothing new, but their appeal in popular culture seems to have taken over the mainstream. So where should you begin? How do you even get started? Let me help you out with a few crystal basics.


Few of us have the option of going to mines and digging out our own crystals. Thankfully, New Age shops, specialized crystal sellers, and rock and gem shows are all excellent places to find crystals. It is always a good idea to get as much information about the crystal you are buying as possible, such as the type (clusters, single points, etc.), and where it comes from. Natural stones are always better, while manmade crystals tend to be less expensive.

A crystal ball is great for scrying, a single or dual point is used for healing work, and a cluster is fantastic for a meditative focus. Clear Quartz, which occurs worldwide, is a good first stone as it has so many different uses and can be obtained for a reasonable price. Choose a crystal that feels good to you!


Newly acquired crystals should be cleansed with a non-abrasive mild soap and warm water. Once it is physically clean, it is time to cleanse it energetically. However you choose to cleanse your crystals, make sure to imbue the physical act of the cleansing with a proper focus. Whenever I am cleansing my crystals I will get them out and ready, then I will treat the cleansing as a ceremony, asking for the divine guidance of spirit to cleanse the crystal from all negativity and residual energies.

This can be done in a variety of ways. As part of the earth element, crystals can be buried in the earth for 24 hours. Placing the crystal under cold running water for a few moments can clear away a lot of gook! You can also smudge the crystal by running it through smoke from a smudge stick or incense. Or, a quick pass though the flame of a candle can burn out negative energies. Once you have your crystal cleansed, you will want to charge it.

To get the most from your crystal you will want to attune it to your personal energy, commonly called “charging.” Aligned with Moon energy, the best time to charge them is during a waxing Moon, which occurs between the new and full Moon. Laying the crystal out overnight in the moonlight after carrying it on your person all day works well too.

Using a layout representing the four elements of earth, fire, air, and water to surround the crystal while you focus your energy is another way. Anointing your crystal can boost the energy connection and is worth the time. Using an essential oil such as frankincense or sandalwood, gently rub a little oil onto your crystal while focusing on your positive intent and “charging” the crystal with your energy. When not in use, take proper care of your crystal by wrapping it in a soft piece of fabric such as silk. A special box to keep them in can be helpful.


Besides being pretty rocks, crystals have a wide range of uses. From personal cleansings to use with acupressure points, crystals are a healing tool for both the spirit and the body. Clearing negative energies, centering, scrying, chakra healing, focusing of prayers, meditative focus, massage tool; all this and more can be accomplished with crystals. Next week look for a posting about the Crystals of Love!

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