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Introduction to Palmistry ll – The Lines

In her second video on Palmistry, Oranum psychic, Dr. Nikki discusses the major lines in your palm – and what it says about you, your love life and more.

Check it out! We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

Editor’s Note: Be sure to catch Dr. Nikki’s LIVE Stream show on Oranum every Sunday at 5PM PDT.

Username: LoveDr.Nikki

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  1. Ethan Zolciak says

    What an interesting video, I am surprised at just how much our palms can tell alot about our lives and especially different but very specific aspects. I am just trying to read my palm and see what i can discover about myself. The illustration is really amazing and somewhat possible for us to follow even though we are not palm readers, Thanks for the share hun. Love, light and laughter. Ethan

  2. Pandora says

    I loved watching this! Thank you dear 🙂 Looking forward for more!

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