Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day – different ways

Thanksgiving! The word conjures up mental images of traditional foods and treats only enjoyed at special times, blended with convivial company with family and friends.  Celebrated in many different ways in many countries, here in the United States, Thanksgiving day is a festivity dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings the Pilgrims received in their new land.  Individually, many take this holiday as a time to be thankful for the blessings received throughout the past year.

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Holding the distinction of being both a religious (being thankful to your Higher Power, and expressing that thanks), and secular (celebrating the day in commemoration of the Pilgrims) holiday, Thanksgiving is simply that; a day in which to give thanks.  It is no mistake that Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the fall season when the bounty of Mother Earth has been harvested and put aside against the want of winter.

You can look at Thanksgiving Day in another way – one in which religion, nationality, color or gender need not matter – it is a time to be thankful for the life that we have and the blessings of the world around us.  From the Sun that shines to a soft breeze on your face, there is much to be thankful for.  This type of thankfulness is what is often referred to as maintaining a “state of thankfulness”.

Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day – smile

A state of thankfulness exists when you are consciously making the effort to think about being thankful. Some days may be difficult and you can only be thankful that the Sun has risen – even when you do not want it to.  When asked how she could go on after the tragic death of her only child, a woman smiled through her tears to answer: “I try to be thankful for the life that she lived, and that makes all the difference.  When I think of her having lived at all with thankfulness, it is easy to smile through the tears.” And, with a beaming smile she turned and greeted her next guest.  Being in a state of thankfulness was a foundation for her to stand strong on even in her grief.

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The modern world encourages you to live in a state of anticipation – we are waiting for the next new phone to be released, the newest styles, the latest trends and the next trip to Vegas – anticipation.  That anticipation tends to cause stress, affecting you on a variety of levels.  Nevertheless, you can fight against that, you can begin to build your emotional foundation of thankfulness every day.  A great start to entering into a state of thankfulness is to begin each day with a prayer of thanksgiving for the day ahead.

While we here in the United States celebrate the holiday specifically for being thankful on November 23rd, wherever you are, I encourage you to live in thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving day

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