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Get to know Kinesiology

When I first started Kinesiology, my knowledge and understanding on the spiritual aspect of life was something I had never thought about. However, when I started my own training and practiced more and more, I realised that spiritual balance was just as important as emotional and physical balance, and by embracing the essence of it, it opened up a whole new side to my treatments and my personal life. ​As my understanding and experience grew, new aspects opened up to me; such as the ability to work with my intuition, the ability to feel energies and most importantly, opening my mind which allows me to work beyond the boundaries of science and the senses.

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A short explanation

Kinesiology is a combination of ancient Eastern knowledge and modern Western muscle monitoring. This technique indeed balances the body on many levels. Its effective results come from the way it works with the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and health with neurological and physiological functions. By applying the method, deep changes may be experienced emotionally, mentally and physically, thereby completely increasing a person’s health and well-being.

When our system functions well, we feel well too.


Its initial research began in the 1960’s when Dr. George Goodheart DC, discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body. His system was called ‘Applied Kinesiology’ which includes Chinese medicine techniques like acupressure and the understanding of the meridian systems of a human body as well.

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The main goal of any Kinesiology treatment is to identify the root cause of any imbalance and then resolve it. The cause of the problem may be nutritional, emotional, psychological, energetic or even spiritual or something as simple as an ‘attitude’, or a forgotten memory.

Below are just some of the spiritual aspects that can be explored (where relevant) during a Kinesiology session:

  • Past lives
  • Soul shock/loss
  • Negative energy release
  • Life themes
  • Pre life contracts
  • Ancestral/genetic healing
  • Vow release
  • Cord cutting

Being open to work on your issues may help you to explore and understand your own spiritual journey and may help you to move through your life much easier.


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