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Guardian angel

Guardian Angel our invisible companion

Guardian angel – always with you Our angels accompany us all our lives and carry us on their wings in the silence and tranquility of the world. Whether we are sad or feel pleasure – our guardian angel is always there. They have very special vibrations and give us in everyday life clues how to make the life easier. They bring us the ease in our lives and thus the strength to walk the path of life in confidence. In the Catholic Church the 2nd of October is paid homage to the guardian angels. This Guardian Angel Festival gives a special way to connect these angels. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Remember that you too can communicate with your angels and it has a positive effect on your life. The more you get in touch with them, the more they will help you. They always remain hidden, but are always there when you call them. You can talk to them, ask them for advice, help and healing. Ask for clarity in …


Disclose Your wishes for 2017 to your Guardian Angel

What is your intuition trying to tell you? Your “inner voice” has been attempting to warn you about something and it should not be ignored! There is something that you can do anytime to disclose your wishes and desires for 2017 to your Guardian Angel so they can manifest and help you grow. Take advantage of this Week’s Psychic Advise of Psychic Sensei, one of Oranum’s most experienced Clairvoyant&Love Advisor. If you are in need of an honest reading with a Gifted and Talented online Psychic, visit Start chatting now for FREE! Greetings my Friend, Guidance is all about learning to communicate with your soul, discovering and manifesting your real purpose. Take a minute to cherish the blessings of 2016 and to disclose your wishes and desires for 2017 to your Guardian Angel so they can manifest. Take a short 5-minute walk, not necessarily bur preferably in a forest or around a lake. Try to leave any concerning thoughts behind and focus strictly on the beauty of the nature. Relax your mind.  Activate all your …