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Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog

Earth Dog – energy changes Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog, the eleventh of the 12 years in a 12 year Chinese cycle that begins with the Year of the Rat and will end with the Year of the Pig, which starts next February. The Year of the Earth Dog starts on the 17th February and will run through to the 5th February 2019. So what changes in a new lunar year? The rulership of the year changes as we move from the domain of the Rooster and into the reign of the Dog and with that the energy changes. Yet as well as the energy changing from that of the Rooster to the Dog, we also have a shift from Yin to Yang energy. One of the most powerful forces in Chinese Astrology is the interplay between Yin and Yang energy and a need for balance between the two. In a Yin year, we need to apply more Yang to balance this out and in a Yang year we need to apply …