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Essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils – relax Essential oils are very effective in treating stress both emotionally and physically. Natural, easy-to-use, have no side-effects that are common to allopathic medicines. The life of many of us seems to be a daily roller-coaster. We’re jumping from one obligation to another, running between the house, the children, the service, the parents. But we have a desperate need to relax and slow down this crazy rhythm of living our lives. Many believe I can endlessly cope with this lifestyle. In fact, until they need a break, a moment of peace and quiet. Our mind, soul, and body need oxygen for relaxation. Without her, we can not have healthy relationships with our family. Without it, we can not have a balance in our own life in our choices. We risk becoming monuments of stress, frustration, and bitterness. Essential oils – in everyday life Essential oils for relaxation – how we help in everyday life: All our emotions can be sustained and helped by essential oils. Remember the lavender smell of your grandmother’s closet? …


The Meaning of Scents

Scents – mood setters The sense of smell is extremely important, and it is often through the nose that you just “know” they are the right one.  Incense is a mood setter and helps to increase energies.  Many find incense great to use for smudging, while others find it helps set the mood for meditation. Whether you use powered, stick or cones, incense can be a powerful tool in your meditation toolbox.  Also important is the part incense plays in a ritual. From the incense used in the Christian church to that used by the magic practitioner, the use of scents is a powerful part of spiritual practice. While lotus, frankincense, or frankincense and myrrh are all good general scents to use, using the appropriate scent can add depth and power to your ritual or meditation.  However, how do you know the right incense to choose? Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! Here is a quick look at some of the focuses and the scents that help with them. …