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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – Find Your Love

Valentine’s Day – work with your Love energy There is belief that on Valentine’s day, holy Valentine himself descends to Earth to help people to find their love! What we can say for sure is that 14th of February holds special energy itself. Valentine’s day is one of the best day of the year to work with your love energy. Remember love is the most powerful energy and everyone longs for it; there is no exception! I would like to share some simple but very powerful rituals for those who are ready to receive  and share love. First ritual is for a girls and women who wish to change their inner state, boosting their self-confidence and become desirable for men. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true Psyschic reading today! What you will need to perform this ritual are: 2 red candles Rose petals or rose water 1 glass of red wine Rose oil (or any oil that smells like rose). Rose has always been considered a flower that attracts love. …


Flowers and Their Messages of Love

Flowers – Communication In the world of modern communications, it is easy to forget that for much of man’s history flowers have been used as a way for lovers to communicate.  From the flowers representing the courtship to the flowers chosen to be in a bridal bouquet, very specific messages and meanings are sent. The language of flowers is believed to have its roots in the harems of the ancient Middle East.  In the restrictive world of the harem, love to anyone other than your husband was not only frowned upon, but could get you dead.  Abundant and easily available, flowers were used to communicate tender feelings between lovers. Get a free trial for a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! The Victorians took the language of flowers to a high art.  In the era of Queen Victoria florigraphy (the language of flowers) reached its highest use.  There were floral dictionaries covering the meanings of the blossoms. Brides would angst over having just the right flowers in their bouquets.  Yet, having blossoms in …

Love symbols

Some of the Associations of Love

Love symbols – evoke emotions From cheap trinkets to extravagantly expensive gifts, lovers have expressed their feelings to one another by various love symbols including gestures and gifts.  Romantic feelings are expressed with a variety of things from foods and herbs, to gems and flowers.  From fragrances of the ancient world that are the forerunners of modern perfumes, to flowers whose delicate petals evoke tender feelings, love has a variety of associations.  Here are just a few of the associations of love. Love and Food Most cultures have a food that is purported to help stir the passions.  From the earth asparagus, avocado and chocolate are just a few of the foods believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.  The sea gives oysters and prawns, both said to bring a heightened sexual desire.  Did you know that tomatoes are sometimes called “love apples”?  And then, there are strawberries and mangoes to round out the fruits of desire. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Love and Fragrances Your personal scent– your pheromones, are your …