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power of words

The amazing power of words

Power of words – What do you want to achieve? Hey Everyone, So lovely to be back with you all, sharing another lesson from my stock of practical spirituality. This goes back to the time I was new to Reiki… I was doing my full-time ‘regular’ job back then and anything esoteric was something I pursued out of interest in my spare time. Reiki healing was one of my initial interests. Prior to every Reiki class, our teacher or Sensei would have us all fill a form and in that form, we had to write about any past medical history, and fill in any mental, emotional or practical problems that bothered us such as chronic illnesses, depression, lack of confidence, or perhaps financial, career, or relationship blocks. This was so that we could learn how to heal from these issues as we progressed up the different levels of Reiki training. My favorite part of the form was at the very end… There was this question which said, “What do you want to achieve with Reiki?” Clarify …


2018: The Year of Your Superpower in Action!

Superpower – Time What would you do if you had a bank account in which every morning you receive 86.400 dollars? And every night it would be canceled, no matter if you used all the money or didn’t?  Wouldn’t you spend all every day until the last the last penny? Well, you have already a similar account, it is called TIME. That is one of your superpower. Every day you are credited 86.400 seconds and at midnight it is canceled. You cannot go in red, you cannot accumulate time for the day after and you cannot ask for advances or loans. Now, new year is about to start with more than 31000000 seconds! How do you want to invest your time? Do you already know what you want to do and what you want to experience in the next year? Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! Yes my friend, okay with that first general answer, but let’s be more specific, what do you want to experience exactly? Now you …