Discover the secret power of the arcanes!

Tarot Arcanes – energy portals

Tarot arcanes are also used to open energy portals, and do rituals. The tarot is a tool that with each major arcane allows us to address our subtle powers, and their usage for meditation can help initiate a deeper connection with the secret powers of some of the arcanes:

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Arcane 0: The Fool: allows us to heal and free ourselves from negative emotions, it is the fool of freedom and allows us to reconnect with our inner child.

Arcane 1: The Magician: Increases the power of telepathy, helps heal the nervous system, gives us vitality and motivates us to carry out projects.

Tarot arcanes

Arcane 2: The Priestess: this arcane allows us to enter more easily the akashicos records, allows us to open much easier to the book of life, helping connect more deeply with teachers, angels and guides.

Arcane 3: The Empress: this arcane awakens our creativity, helps people who struggle with fertility problems, does not allow us to connect to Mother Earth, helps us send healing energy and love to Planet Earth.

Arcane 4: The Emperor: helps us balance our physical and mental energies, channels the gift of leadership, helps us shape future projects we have in mind.

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Arcane 5: The Priest: stimulates the awakening of clairaudience, helps us obtain material goods.

Arcane 6: The Lovers: it helps us eliminate indecision and allows us to make decisions faster, it helps us communicate better with others.

Arcane 7: The Charriot: harmonizes the chakras, helps us balance our emotions. It gives us mental and emotional peace.

Tarot arcanes

Do not hesitate to add comments of the benefits of meditating on the other tarot arcanes.

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